Creating an Email Microsurvey

Sending a UserLeap microsurvey by email requires very little effort, in fact, there is no prior installation required to enable this workflow.

️ Info

It is still recommended you proceed to install to make use of in-product Mobile or Web microsurveys.

Configuring an Email Microsurvey

Email microsurveys can be sent by:

  • Using attributes that are sent to UserLeap from your backend or from Google Tag Manager.
  • Using a CSV File to upload user information (including emails, user_ids, and supplementing user attributes).

Using Attributes from your Backend

Attributes that have already been configured and sent to UserLeap will show up in the dropdowns as a Survey Filters.

️ Warning

Events cannot be used as a filter for email microsurvey delivery

Using a CSV Upload

UserLeap supports CSV uploads, which you will find under the Connect page. You can either drag and drop or find a file to upload.

For more information on the CSV file format and other requirements, refer to our Upload a CSV File documentation. Once complete, attributes will be available to target in the Survey Filters dropdown.

️ Warning

Please make sure your CSV file is in the correct format.

Sending the Microsurvey

Include email intro text (optional):

Set email delivery to Immediate:

Save and Launch your UserLeap Microsurvey