Designing and launching an email-based study

Email studies are a classic method to engage customers for user research. Sprig provides the ability to target customers, send questions, capture responses, and quantify insights automatically from those responses. To get started with email studies:

1. Define Target List

  1. Create a CSV file of users to target and anticipate that you'll need to transform the file into a compatible file format. You'll want to upload a file that contains user_id, email, and a single categorical attribute. If no user_id is provided, Sprig will generate one on your behalf when you upload the file.
001[email protected]cohort1
002[email protected]cohort1
003[email protected]cohort1
004[email protected]cohort1
  1. To upload the file, click Connect > Upload File. For more details on creating and uploading the CSV file click here.

2. Create from Scratch or choose a Template

To create a new study, click + New Study, then click either Create from Scratch > Concept Test or select one of the predefined templates. The templates are organized by use case. Choose the collection that best fits your business problem. Then browse, preview, and select the template that best supports your needs.

  1. Click each template.
  2. Click on the questions and observe the preview on the right side.
  3. To choose the template, click Use this template.

3. Customize Study

For the Questions selection:

  1. Add new questions or review the existing ones if you selected a template.
  2. Customize the survey by changing the wording, deleting a question, or adding a question.
  3. Optionally, if you selected Concept Test, add a prototype URL.

To learn more about designing study questions, visit the following topics:

For the Audience tab:

  1. Select Email for How to Send.
  2. Click Who to Send to. Click Add Filter and select category and click is equal to and select cohort1 (with the attribute and value names used in the example table)
  3. Click Email Content to customize the body of your email.
  4. Click Response Options and select One-time send.

4. Launch Study

  1. Preview study: before launching the study, the Preview Study feature allows you to share the study with colleagues. No responses will be recorded from the preview study.
  2. Send Test Email: before launching the study, the Send Test Email feature allows you to experience the study as a respondent would. No responses will be recorded from the test email study.
  3. Click the Launch Concept Test button in the top right corner; you should start to see responses come in as time progresses.

If you need help with either of these installations, please contact or book time with our Product Support. We're happy to lend you a hand getting started.