Conduct research on Figma prototypes with your users with Sprig.

Figma is an "all-in-one design platform." You can embed Figma designs and prototypes in your Sprig study questions.

Embed a Figma prototype into a Sprig Study

Prerequisite: Make sure you are a Sprig Admin or Editor with View access to the Figma prototype.

In Figma:

  1. Open the Figma prototype you want to embed in a Sprig Question.
  2. To link to a prototype, click ▷ to enter presentation mode.
  3. Click Share Prototype in the menu bar.
  4. Adjust your sharing permissions to Anyone with the link, can view.
  1. Click Copy link.

Now go to Sprig.

In Sprig:

  1. Click + New Study and clickCreate from Scratch > Concept Test.
  2. Click + Add Question and select a question type (Consent / Legal does not support Figma).
  3. Edit the question copy to suit your needs.
  4. Click Figma Prototype and paste the Figma prototype link into the text field.
  1. Add and reorder additional questions as needed.
  2. Click Audience.
  3. Select either Shareable Link or Email.
  4. Click Preview Study to check the study prior to launch.
  5. Edit as required. When satisfied, click Launch Study.



If you update an embedded Figma prototype in a study, any changes will be immediately reflected in any study questions that reference that prototype. Consider using a dedicated copy of the prototype for your study to minimize unintended consequences.