Launching a Microsurvey

You are now ready to launch your very first microsurvey in Sprig. Microsurvey creation starts from the Templates Page.

Designing a microsurvey involves 4 steps:

  1. Pick a template (or create from scratch)
  2. Questions and Skip Logic
  3. Audience to target
  4. Review and launch

Pick a Template

The Sprig template gallery contains 75+ templates for you to use.

Here are some of the areas that are covered:

  1. Finding Product/Market Fit
  2. Customer Journey
  3. Customer Acquisition
  4. Feature Development
  5. Onboarding Success

You also have the option to create a new microsurvey from scratch.

Questions and Skip Logic

Rename your Microsurvey

Click on the title bar to edit your microsurvey title.

Pick a Question Type

Sprig has a total of 5 question types:

  1. Open-ended text
  2. Multiple choice single answer
  3. Multiple choice multi answer
  4. 1-5 rating scale
  5. Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  6. Text /URL Prompt

Question Settings

Supports additional functionality, such as adding a duplicate question below, inserting a new question below, deleting the question, and moving the current question either up or down

Survey Logic

All question types support survey skip logic. This is an easy way to segment questions based on audience responses. For example, if you ask “how easy to use is feature XYZ?” you can show a different Q2 based on whether or not they had a positive experience (answered 4 or 5, as compared to 1,2,3).

Here's more information on Skip Logic.

Save Changes

Please remember to save changes

Audience to target

Choose a Platform

A microsurvey is limited to a single platform; you have the option to pick from Web (including mobile web browsers), Mobile, Email (available on Enterprise and Essentials), or Shareable Link

Here's how you Creating an Email Microsurvey .

Microsurvey Trigger

Audience targeting requires that you add at least one event to Sprig. If you've already added an event, please the event from the dropdown.

Microsurvey Filters

As a trigger, a filter is used to further target audiences you have defined on the Sprig platform.

Total Responses

In web and mobile microsurveys, you can choose to either deliver until a certain statistical confidence threshold has been met (set number of responses) or you can choose to deliver continuously (no limit on responses). With email surveys, you also have the option to deliver immediately to eligible recipients.

If choosing to run until a confidence threshold has been met, you can choose from one of several recommended trade-offs between statistical confidence and speed of obtaining results. Generally, requiring less confidence means you will get results faster.

You can also choose your own set number of responses using the Custom Audience Sampling setting.

Resurvey Window

To avoid sending the same user multiple microsurveys (different surveys), Sprig designed a resurvey window that can be set in two places.

The global resurvey window is under Settings>Configure.

This is the number of days an individual MUST wait before qualifying to receive another microsurvey from Sprig.

Changing this number will allow this specific microsurvey (and not any other microsurvey) to appear outside of the global window. Please note that this WILL NOT affect your Settings>Configure>Resurvey Waiting Period setting.

  • It is recommended that you keep the “only show this survey once per user”. However, there are cases where you consider allowing users to retake a microsurvey - once such example is in a continuous microsurvey where you are trying to track historical trends of the same user(s)

Review and launch



If you have any questions please email us at [email protected] or use the in-product help chat.