Designing and launching a link-based study

The easiest way to get started with Sprig is through our Link studies. Link studies do not require an installation and can be sent by email, SMS, or even embedded within static websites and newsletters.

1. Create from Scratch or choose a Template

Click on + New Study, then either Create from Scratch or Browse Templates, to create a new study. The templates are organized into use case collections to help you easily find what you need, like:

  • Onboard More Customers
  • Create Better Content
  • Launch a New Product or Feature
  • Recruit Interview Participants
  • Reduce Customer Churn
  • and more!

Choose the collection that best fits your business problem. Then browse, preview, and select the template that best supports your research.

  1. Hover over each template.
  2. Observe the preview on the right side.
  3. To choose the template, either select the template card or click the green Customize and Launch button on the right, under the preview of the template.
  4. If you'd rather not use a template, you can always choose to Create from Scratch via the button in the top right corner to create your custom survey.

2. Customize Study

For the Questions selection:

  1. Review the questions.
  2. Customize by changing the wording, deleting a question, or adding a question.
  3. Click Save Changes and you will be returned to the study's summary view. Your study will now have a Draft status.

To learn more about designing study questions, visit the following topics:

For the Audience tab:

  1. Select Study as the Type of Study. If you're planning to perform a concept test, select Study with Concept Test and paste the Figma link into the field.
  2. Select Shareable Link for How to Send.
  3. Configure Total Responses by selecting an option.

3. Launch Study

  1. Preview study: before launching the study, the Preview Study feature allows you to share the study with colleagues. No responses will be recorded from the preview study.
  2. Click Launch Study, to generate a link to the study that you may use to send to respondents.

After launching the study, in the Summary tab, you can retrieve the link at any time by clicking Share Study near the top of the page.

If you need any help with either of these installations, please reach out or book time with our Product Support and Customer Success teams. We’re happy to lend you a hand getting started.