Zapier and Airtable

Each Sprig account will come with two API keys, one for your production environment, and the other for your development environment.


When complete, you should have this saved to "My Zaps".

Source: Sprig

Destination: Airtable

Description: If you have a large team, everyone needs to be able to see the user insights you've collected through Sprig. Set up this integration and Airtable records will be automatically generated from new Sprig study responses. Now, your whole team can view all the responses from one platform that you already use

Create a new Zap, and select Sprig as the trigger.


If asked, "Sign in" to Sprig using your Zapier API Key. If you’re unable to locate your Zapier API Key, please contact support.


Select New Study Response as the Trigger Event.


Click Continue and then click Test Trigger (testing is optional).

Search for Airtable as the action, in other words, where should the data be sent to.

Add action Create a Record. For all available actions supported by Airtable, visit the Zapier Library.

You may be prompted to authenticate/sign in to Airtable


Select an existing base and table for data population

Once finished Continue.

You have the option to test your Zap or skip and make live.