Zapier and Gmail

Source: Sprig

Destination: Gmail

Description: Save time by automating your follow-up process with new respondents to your Sprig study. With this integration, a custom email will be automatically sent from your Gmail account to a specified recipient. Send thank you's, schedule interviews, trigger updates, and more!

Can Sprig Help Recruit Participants?

Yes, Sprig's template gallery comes with 80+ ready to go templates that are great for:

We also have a whole collection for Recruiting Interview Participants

How Does Zapier Help Recruit Participants?

  1. Launch a study using one of the Recruiting Interview Participants templates
  2. Create a filtered workflow in Zapier that emails a pre-built link to anyone that agrees to be part of the study, for example



The workflow below is built off this template

Each Sprig account will come with two API keys, one for your production environment, and the other for your development environment

Create a new Zap, and select Sprig as the trigger.


If prompted, sign in to Sprig using your Zapier API Key. If you’re unable to locate your Zapier API Key, please contact support.


Select New Study Response as the Trigger Event.


Click Continue and optionally Test Trigger.

Add a filter before selecting an app


We only want to send an email to participants that have accepted the opportunity to be part of a study. Here is an idea of how to create the filters, this may vary depending on your study question configuration.


The two filters below work as ANDs. This flow will activate when the following two conditions are met:


  • This Study Name contains Recruit (make sure you add this to the title)
  • There's a response that has someone's email (the "@" symbol)

Search for Gmail as the action ( e.g. where should the data be sent to)

Choose the Send Email action. For all available actions supported by Gmail, visit the Zapier Library.

You may be prompted to authenticate/sign in to Gmail.


Fill out the fields highlighted below (some are optional). You'll notice how you can use Sprig-provided fields to create a more personalized experience.


Example: in the example below I added the Sprig Study Name in the subject of the email

Once finished click Continue.

You have the option to test your Zap or skip and make it live.