Zapier and Hubspot


When complete, you should have this saved to "My Zaps".

Source: Sprig

Destination: Hubspot

Description: Having quick access to your HubSpot contacts' latest comments or satisfaction scores is essential to providing a best-in-class customer experience. This Zap makes it simple and efficient to save your latest study responses to HubSpot contacts. With this integration, whenever a new Sprig response is received, Zapier will automatically create or update the correlating HubSpot contact, as well as an engagement for them.

Each Sprig account will come with two API keys, one for your production environment, and the other for your development environment.

Create a new Zap


Sprig will be the trigger.


Search for Sprig.


Sign in to Sprig using your Zapier API Key

Then, select a trigger event. The trigger event will be "New Study Response". Then click Continue.


Next, we'll want to test our trigger.


Look for Hubspot as the action


In order to update contact information in Hubspot, we must first locate the contact in Hubspot and tie in a Hubspot identifier. To do this you'll need to first add an action to Find Contact and follow that up with one to Update Contact

For all available actions supported by Hubspot, visit the Zapier Library.


Choose your Hubspot account (must authenticate with Hubspot), then press Continue.


Locate your Hubspot email field and select it as the First Search Property Name. Next, use the Email property found in Sprig and use it as the First Search Property Value.

Determine whether or not you would like to create a new Hubspot Contact if the email value of the Sprig response does not exist in your CRM (optional). Press Continue.


Add a third action, from Hubspot, this will allow Hubspot to Update Contact. Then press Continue.


Please note that you should already have an existing property in Hubspot to populate this data. If a custom/in-built property does not exist, or you would like to create a new one, read this blog on how to Manage your Properties.

In order to Update Contact Hubspot requires that we match on an Object ID, this will be brought in from the first action (Find Contact). Again, make sure to update any existing/new properties as needed

When finished, you can either Test Action or Turn on Zap.