Zapier and Intercom

When complete, you should have this saved to My Zaps.

Source: Sprig

Destination: Intercom

Description: Having quick access to your Intercom contacts' latest comments or satisfaction scores is essential to providing a best-in-class customer experience. This Zap makes it simple and efficient to save your latest study responses to Intercom contacts. With this integration, whenever a new Sprig response is received, Zapier will automatically create or update the correlating Intercom contact.

Create a new Zap, and select Sprig as the trigger

If asked, Sign in to Sprig using your Zapier API Key**. If you’re unable to locate your Zapier API Key, please contact support.

Select New Study Response as the Trigger Event.

Click Continue and optionally Test Trigger.

Search for Intercom as the action, in other words, where should the data be sent.

Add action Create/Update User. For all available actions supported by Intercom, visit the Zapier Library.

You may be prompted to authenticate to sign in to Intercom.

Enter Lookup Email and User ID in the relevant fields.

Once finished press Continue.

You have the option to test your Zap or skip and make live.