Zapier and Mixpanel


When finished you should have this Saved to "My Zaps".

Source: Sprig

Destination: Mixpanel

Description: Sends new study responses in Sprig as they come into Mixpanel. Each study generates new Mixpanel events.

Each Sprig account will come with two API keys, one for your production environment, and the other for your development environment.

Create a new Zap


Sprig will be the trigger.


Search for Sprig .


Sign in to Sprig using your Zapier API Key.

After that, select a trigger event. The trigger event will be New Study Response. Then click Continue.


Next, we'll want to test our trigger.


Add an action and search for Mixpanel.

Select Create or Update Profile. For all available actions supported by Mixpanel, visit the Zapier Library.

Choose your Mixpanel account (must authenticate with Mixpanel), then press Continue .


Add in the Sprig User ID field to match Mixpanel's Profile_id. Select the properties you'd like to export from Sprig over to Mixpanel. We recommend the following:

  • Study ID
  • Study Name
  • Response
  • Question Type

Test your action, or Turn on Zap if you're ready to proceed.