About Sprig

Go beyond analytics and elevate your product with user insights, delivered fast.

Welcome to Sprig. Sprig is a product experience insights platform that empowers teams to build better products.

Sprig Surveys enable you to run targeted Surveys right in your product and capture your users’ real-time insights. Product teams rely on Sprig Surveys to:

  • Analyze your users’ experience through core flows in your product or website to identify opportunities for optimization.
  • Understand exactly what’s driving users to drop off and prevent future churn by building user-centric product solutions.

Sprig Replays help you capture trigger targeted user journey clips to help you see firsthand what’s working and what’s not. Product teams rely on Sprig Replays to:

  • Easily troubleshoot issues that would otherwise go unnoticed, like confusing navigation, hidden CTAs, and bugs.
  • Watch users as they engage with features for the first time and identify areas for optimization to add to your roadmap.

Sprig's AI Analysis summarizes open-text responses into actionable themes, so you can quickly identify learnings and prioritize what to work on next. Product teams rely on Sprig AI Analysis to:

  • Automatically identify themes and recommendations your analytics can’t show you.
  • Get a rich snapshot of users’ needs to prioritize which new features to work on next

Plus, you can leverage dozens of integrations to connect Sprig to your favorite product tools and easily share insights for collaboration and buy‑in.

To get started, head over to the Sprig app to launch a study in minutes and see product experience insights within hours. Still have questions? Join a live product demo with Sprig's lead solutions consultant. Or you can keep exploring our Sprig Documentation to learn the ins and outs Sprig and how to get the richest and fastest insights possible.