A new warning to proactively flag incompatible SDK versions

When Sprig launches new features, some of them (like new question types) require that your engineering team update your codebase to include the latest version of the Sprig SDK, which controls how studies are displayed to users of your site or app. Your users are only eligible to see the studies that are supported by their version of the SDK.

If you've set up a study using a new Sprig feature, but many of your users do not have the latest version, they will not be eligible to see your study, which can slow down how fast your study completes.

Starting today, you will see a warning if your study uses a feature from an SDK version that many of your users do not yet have. This warning will show approximately how many users are not eligible for your study, helping you decide whether to launch your study or adjust which question types you've used.

For more information, check out our Docs.