Make your study creation process more efficient

We’re making it easier than ever to create Studies. Your task flow is more optimized as you can now create Events during the study creation process for Web. To directly create the event you need to display your in-product study, when you add a new event trigger to a Web study, click + New Event.


Customize your study logic for skipped responses

We've recently introduced the ability to add logic based on skipped responses for Video & Voice, Open Text, and Multiple Choice Multi-Select questions.


A Change to the Sprig Free Plan

Previously, some Free plans from Sprig included the ability to deliver studies via Web, iOS, and Android. The plan also included the ability to use the Webhooks solution and the Data Export API.


Improved multiple-choice responses in CSV export

When exporting study responses as a CSV, multiple-choice responses now have numeric representations, providing an easier way to analyze the data.


Identify visitors when linking out to external URLs

You can now choose to send the visitor’s user ID and email when using an external URL in Text / URL Prompt. This allows you to match the visitor with their later actions. For example, you could use a web study to link out to a concept test, and ensure the concept test is associated with the same visitor.


Rich text in Text URL/ Prompt questions

Text URL/ Prompt questions now feature text, list, and link formatting. You can highlight key phrases or link out to external pages based on your use case.


Improved Link study with updated progress experience

We've recently updated our Link study experience to create a more delightful experience across platforms. The desktop experience is wider, while the mobile link experience is optimized for mobile devices. In addition, we've optimized the progress bar and between-question animations to create a better end user experience. Try it out now by creating your next link study!


New NPM package for Sprig SDK Installation

We've heard your feedback, and added a new way to install the Sprig SDK: by using our new @sprig-technologies/sprig-browser npm package on your web application.


Export Sprig study data in real time with Webhooks

Webhooks allow you to subscribe to real-time notifications for important events happening with your Sprig studies, meaning that you don't have to rely on 3rd party integrations to pipe data from Sprig to your destinations of choice.


People page and Visitor Timeline have a brand new look

The People and Visitor Timeline pages have been updated with a brand new look and feel, including new avatars and search experience, easier navigation, and improved data display. We're excited for these updates to serve as the foundation of the upcoming Groups feature.