Improve your users’ mobile survey experience with trigger delays

At Sprig, we know the importance of capturing real-time feedback from mobile users while keeping their product experience seamless. That’s why we’ve added in a new option that allows you to set a trigger delay for any mobile survey, just like you already can for Web surveys. By improving the experience of displaying a mobile survey, you can expect more survey responses and more satisfied users.


Capture important information by making study questions required

We’re excited to release one of our most requested features: required questions. Now, you can require respondents to complete certain questions before they can move forward in your study. This feature can be leveraged to capture essential information from your users, such as customer satisfaction KPIs and user contact information.


Now your team members can easily join Sprig with domain-based Team Discovery

We've made it easier than ever to help your colleagues join Sprig. Now, once you configure your team's email domain (contact [email protected] to do so), colleagues will automatically be able to join your team's Sprig account.


Introducing Rating Scale, our revamped One to Five Scale question type

Sprig customers rely on our popular “One to Five Scale” question type to measure their customer and feature satisfaction. This feature is now transformed into the new and improved “Rating Scale". The revamped question type will offer a variety of range options, including 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10-point scales. Plus, you’ll be able to help users visualize their rating by using stars ⭐ or smileys 🙂 across the scale.


Users can now specify "Other" to multiple-choice questions

What if none of your survey response options match what your users want to share? Now, they will be able to respond in their own words instead of yours, thanks to the addition of an “Other” open-response option to any multiple-choice question (single and multi-select).


A new warning to proactively flag incompatible SDK versions

When Sprig launches new features, some of them (like new question types) require that your engineering team update your codebase to include the latest version of the Sprig SDK, which controls how studies are displayed to users of your site or app. Your users are only eligible to see the studies that are supported by their version of the SDK.


More data and control when exporting study results CSV

We've made a number of improvements to increase the amount of data, as well as the control you have, when exporting your study's results as a CSV.


Re-launch and unarchive studies (and delete questions)

Today we're excited to release three new abilities for already-launched studies:


Manage your attributes in the new Data Hub!

Attributes can now be managed within Sprig, just like Events! The new Data Hub page will let you view, edit, and archive your team's attributes.


New webhooks: study sent and study seen

We've introduced two new webhooks subscriptions for study sent and study seen. These new subscriptions join the existing ones (answer submitted, study submitted, theme identified, and study status changed).