New Template Gallery with previews, search, and much more!

We're excited to announce a major revamp of our Template Gallery, which makes it quick and easy to see what’s possible within the Sprig platform. The new experience organizes templates by use case, enables searching for specific templates using keywords, and allows you to preview templates at the question-level prior to selecting it.


Improvements to Attributes values

We've made two improvements to Attributes that give you more options and control when determining who receives a study (or who belongs in a Group!) based on user attributes.


A refreshed way to select Events, Attributes, and Groups

With our new visually-redesigned filter dropdowns, it's easier than ever to find the right trigger or filter for your study!


View and share fullscreen study previews

Studies can now be previewed in full screen, accurately showing how your users will see and experience the study.


Introducing Groups, a new way to manage your people

Groups are a brand-new way to manage cohorts of people. When setting up a study, Groups can be used to determine who sees your study, helping your team manage frequently-studied sets of users and reducing errors in targeting set-up.


Introducing a revamped Events experience

We've redesigned the Events management experience in Sprig to provide more customization and controls for your team.


Make your study creation process more efficient

We’re making it easier than ever to create Studies. Your task flow is more optimized as you can now create Events during the study creation process for Web. To directly create the event you need to display your in-product study, when you add a new event trigger to a Web study, click + New Event.


Customize your study logic for skipped responses

We've recently introduced the ability to add logic based on skipped responses for Video & Voice, Open Text, and Multiple Choice Multi-Select questions.


A Change to the Sprig Free Plan

Previously, some Free plans from Sprig included the ability to deliver studies via Web, iOS, and Android. The plan also included the ability to use the Webhooks solution and the Data Export API.


Improved multiple-choice responses in CSV export

When exporting study responses as a CSV, multiple-choice responses now have numeric representations, providing an easier way to analyze the data.