We’ve made improvements to Sprig's newest product Replays, so it's easier to analyze your users’ product experience. You can now watch session clips at your own pace with custom speed controls. Plus, you can review a user's replay clip and in-product survey response side-by-side, linking their session to their sentiment. If you’re in the Replays beta, launch one today to test out the updates!

Dig deeper into your study results with Sprig's new study response filters. Now, you can filter your study responses to only users who respond to a specific question in a particular way. Wondering if respondents in a certain age group are more likely to be satisfied with a feature? Or if customers who prefer a certain competitor have common feedback on why? Now, you can analyze your results to find these answers directly in Sprig.

This feature is an addition to Sprig’s existing date range and attribute filters for study response analysis. To analyze with response filters, just go to your study Summary page and under Received within, click More Filters and then Add Filter.

With our new and improved Skip Logic beta feature, you have even more control over which questions you display to your users based on how they respond to both current and previous questions. Improvements to this feature also include the ability to add multiple logic conditions to a single question and new “does not include” operator for multiple choice multi-select questions. Create a new study to try out advanced Skip Logic (just make sure your Sprig web SDK is up to date!)

With Sprig's new integrations with Mixpanel and Launchdarkly, product teams can now quickly identify areas for improvement, measure the impact of changes, and confidently iterate to create better product experiences. Already using Mixpanel or Launchdarkly? Start using them with Sprig today by heading over to the Sprig Integrations Gallery to install in just a few clicks.