Getting started with Sprig: Research across the Product Development Lifecycle

Sprig is a research platform that enables companies to collect insights from across the product development lifecycle; from new ideas, designs, and prototypes, to currently available product experiences in customers' hands.

Sprig offers two products that enable teams to conduct research early and often across the product development lifecycle:

  1. In-Product Surveys that are embedded into your product to understand what's working and not working with currently available features and products.
  2. Unmoderated Concept & Usability Tests to test new ideas, designs, and prototypes by sharing static or interactive prototypes with users for feedback.

Sprig is different from other research platforms in that it:

  • Is built on an event-based architecture that allows for precise user targeting.
  • Uses smart, AI-driven analysis of open text and voice responses.
  • Offers Enterprise-grade security, support, and reliability.
  • Has unlimited seats.

Sprig also supports several integration options that can help you refine your research strategy over time. Integration options are excluded from our Quick Start guides but can be found in the Integrations.

In-Product Surveys

To get started with In-Product surveys, you'll first need to identify the platforms you want to show surveys on and your technology infrastructure. Listed below are some considerations when getting started with either Websites, Web Applications, or Mobile Applications.

Websites and Web Applications

  • Sprig supports native JavaScript installation and Google Tag Manager, depending on your preference.
  • View the Web Quick Start to view the trade-offs.

Mobile Applications

  • Sprig supports iOS, Android, and React Native.
  • View the Mobile Quick Start to view the trade-offs.

In addition to launching surveys in-product, you'll also be able to send surveys via link and email. You will need access to a few internal data sets and understand how that data set needs to be formatted so that Sprig can support your research strategy. Listed below are some considerations when getting started with either Email or Link delivery.


  • The list of users to send it to and an attribute about those users.
  • Access the dataset that can be exported, transformed, and imported.


  • A place to embed the link, such as a website, email, or automated push notification.
  • Access to a data set that can be exported, transformed, and imported.

Unmoderated Concept & Usability Tests

To start with Concept & Usability Tests, you'll need to locate your prototype file. You'll then be ready to set up your test in Sprig, add your prototype link to the appropriate questions, and send the test to users quickly via a link or email.
In addition to sending your test to users via email or link, you can also use an in-product survey to recruit test participants. Simply set up an in-product survey, add your opt-in questions, and link out to your concept or usability test using a text card.

Start Simple

For your first study, we recommend starting simple.

  1. Identify your most urgent business or user experience problem.
  2. Select your research method, In-Product Survey, or Concept & Usability Test.
  3. Install Sprig, if necessary, via one of our delivery methods.
  4. Choose one of our research templates.

The Quick Start guides provide an introduction to the four delivery methods: Web , Mobile , Email, and Link. You can get far more advanced with your survey targeting and delivery as you get more comfortable. If you need any help, our Customer Success team is here when you need us. Feel free to reach out at any time if you have questions.