Features by SDK Versions

SDK Overview


Ensure that the Sprig SDK is up to date to take advantage of new features and bug fixes

Note: In the case of mobile SDKs, your end users will additionally uptake the latest version of your product’s application to be compliant. Usually this means pushing a release via the Apple App Store or Google Play.

🔧 for more technical details, check out our SDK Changelogs

Features and SDK Versions

Not all product updates require SDK updates, but certain functionality, especially as it relates to Replay recording, question types or the survey taker experience often require SDK updates.

SDK Versions by Feature

FeatureDateWeb SDKiOS SDKAndroid SDKReact Native SDK
CSS Styling for Feedback Studieslate May 2024v2.29.0Not supportedNot supportedNot supported
Study Creation Improvements

- Display MC as Dropdown
- Rich Text for Question Cards
- Footer on Open Text
- Optional Recorded V&V Prompt
May 2024v2.28.0v4.21.7v2.16.6v2.16.0
Feedback StudiesApril 2024v2.27.0Not supportedNot supportedNot supported
None of the Above for MCMSJanuary 2024v2.26.2v4.20.2v2.16.3v2.15.4
Replay AnalysisJanuary 2024v2.26.0Not supportedNot supportedNot supported
Matrix QuestionsJanuary 2024v2.25.1Not supportedNot supportedNot supported
Test a StudyJune 2023 (web)
October 2023 (mobile)
Advanced Skip LogicJuly 2023v2.24.0v4.17.0 (2023-07-07)v2.14.0 (2023-07-07)v2.15.0 (2023-07-10)
Replay "After"/"Before and After"May 2023v2.23.0Not supportedNot supportedNot supported
Session ReplayApril 2023v2.22.0Not supportedNot supportedNot supported
Mobile Trigger DelayOctober 2022N/Av4.11.0v2.9.0v2.12.0
Required QuestionsOctober 2022v2.19.1v4.10.0v2.8.0v2.10.0
Event PropertiesOctober 2022v2.18.2v4.9.0v2.7.0v2.10.0
Rating ScaleSeptember 2022v2.17.3v4.8.5v2.6.4v2.8.0
Other (Specify) OptionAugust 2022v2.17.0v4.8.5v2.6.4v2.8.0
Recorded Task Question TypeMay 2022v2.16.0Not supportedNot supportedNot supported
"Skipped" Skip LogicApril 2022 (web)
August 2022 (mobile)
Consent/Legal Question TypeApril 2022 (web)
August 2022 (mobile)
Enrich URL in Text/URL Prompts Question TypeMarch 2022 (web)
August 2022 (mobile)
Video & Voice Question TypeAugust 2022v2.2.4Not supportedNot supportedNot supported
Text/URL Prompt Question TypeJune 2021v1.13.1v4.3.0v2.3.0v2.4.0
Multi-select Skip LogicMarch 2021v1.11.0v4.2.0v2.2.0v2.2.0
Customized Question SubheaderFebruary 2021v1.8.0v4.1.0v2.1.2v2.1.3
Customized Continue ButtonFebruary 2021v1.8.0v4.1.0v2.1.2v2.1.3
Customized Open Text PlaceholderFebruary 2021v1.8.0v4.1.0v2.1.2v2.1.3
Customized "Thank You" CardFebruary 2021v1.8.0v4.1.0v2.1.2v2.1.3
NPS Question TypeJuly 2020v1.3.0v2.1.0v1.1.0v1.1.0

Upgrading SDKs

We adhere to Semver for versioning our SDKs so upgrading between minor versions or patches (e.g. 2.0.0 -> 2.1.0 or 3.1.0 > 3.2.1) should not present any breaking changes. You can view the release logs here

How do I upgrade my Sprig SDK to the latest version?

If you installed with HTML, Segment, or Google Tag Manager your SDK will be automatically upgraded.

For npm and Yarn install methods, reach out to your development team to upgrade the SDK to the latest version. Please note that if utilize additional Products and Environments you will need to update the in each place that the SDK is installed.

Mobile SDK installs, including iOS, Android and React Native, will require developer help to upgrade versions. Additionally, if bundled with an app store release, users will need to update to the latest version ofyour companies mobile application in order to be eligible for a Sprig survey (or Replay) that requires a minSDK version.