Recontact Waiting Period

Sprig offers customers the ability to choose how often individual users can receive Sprig studies. This is done by adjusting the Recontact Waiting Period on the Settings page.

The Recontact Waiting Period is the minimum number of days Sprig waits after a user receives a study before sending them another study, and applies to all visitors who have seen a survey, even if they have not responded or completed it.

For Sprig Surveys, this feature ensures that you avoid over-surveying your users. For Sprig Replays, this feature ensures you avoid capturing multiple clips from the same users in a given period.


Seeing multiple studies?

By design, the recontact window is only enforced in production Sprig environments. For testing purposes, a Sprig visitor record will always see a study in development Sprig environments, as long as they meet the qualifying event and attribute filters, regardless of when they last saw a prior study.

Choosing a recontact waiting period of 30 days, for example, means that a given user will not see any new studies for at least 30 days after the last time they were shown a study. (The one exception to this is link studies, as these studies are anonymous and delivery to users is not managed by Sprig.)

This is a default setting and will apply to all studies. Note also that, by default, the same user will never see the same study. This is to ensure data quality for your studies in addition to preventing study fatigue. However, for web and mobile studies, you may override this behavior on a per-study basis through the Recontact Options in the study creation process:


Choosing the Allow users to retake the study option allows the same user to retake the study. Additionally, specifying the recontact window here will override the default value specified in the settings.

Learn about Best Practices for choosing your recontact waiting period here.