Android Changelog

Change Log


  • add: None of the Above question option for MCMS questions

Released on 01/25/24


  • add: x-ul-package-version header to report mobile SDK plugin versions
  • fix: Add network status listener to handle disconnects

Released on 01/22/24


  • fix: reduce delay in subsequent survey presentations
  • fix: hold weak reference to provided activity for improved memory management

Released on 01/18/24


  • add: Add dismissActiveSurvey() function to dismiss any visible surveys
  • add: Add a QUESTION_ANSWERED event that is emitted after the user answers a question
  • chore: Update LICENSE

Released on 12/20/23


  • fix: Improve right-to-left language formatting

Released on 11/03/23


  • fix: Load shouldDismissOnPageChange before notifying listeners that the SDK is ready
  • fix: Resolve race condition with shouldDismissOnPageChange when event is tracked before the SDK is ready
  • fix: setPreviewKey was not working because of old web sdk version
  • chore: Update web sdk to 2.24.4

Released on 09/26/23


  • fix: Prevent a crash if loading the bundled JS fails. Only fixes the crash on Android 26+
  • add: Add support for SDK event listeners
  • add: Add setPreviewKey method deep linking
  • chore: Update the test app to allow setting the user ID and properly log the user out

Released on 08/18/23


  • add: Add a callback to EventPayload that allows surveys to be suppressed
  • chore: Update web sdk to 2.24.0

Released on 07/07/23


  • fix: Handle multiple events being tracked with `dismissOnPageChange`` in user navigation
  • chore: Update web sdk to 2.23.2

Released on 06/01/22


  • add: Add support for `dismissOnPageChange`` to not show surveys after navigation
  • chore: Update web sdk to 2.21.7

Released on 03/31/23


  • fix: Prevent the SDK from crashing when running on a known bad version of Chrome
  • chore: Update web sdk to 2.21.6

Released on 03/22/23


  • fix: Update the publishing action to use the correct publishing plugin
  • add: Add new optional parameter to configure function
  • chore: Update gradle plugin version to 7.2.0
  • chore: Updated auto publishing steps in automation
  • chore: Update web sdk version to 2.21.3

Released on 02/24/23


  • fix: Prevent a crash when attempting to show a second survey with an initial survey still showing

Released on 12/06/22


  • fix: Gracefully handle process death
  • add: Optimizely Integration
  • chore: Updated web sdk to 2.20.0

Released on 11/17/22


  • chore: Updated web sdk to 2.19.5

Released on 11/02/22


  • fix: Handle no callback provided on track event
  • add: Support for required questions
  • chore: Updated web sdk to 2.19.1

Released on 10/17/22


  • add: Support event properties

Released on 10/10/22


  • chore: Updated web sdk to 2.17.5

Released on 10/06/22


  • chore: Updated Material and AppCompat libraries

Released on 09/02/22


  • chore: Improved release automation

Released on 08/31/22


  • fix: Check that activity is active before presenting survey

Released on 08/22/22


  • chore: Updated web sdk to 2.17.2

Released on 08/19/22


  • fix: Gracefully handle empty attributes

Released on 08/17/22


  • add: Support for identifyAndSetVisitorAttributes
  • add: Support Other Specify and rating scale questions
  • chore: Updated web sdk to 2.17.1

Released on 08/16/22


  • add: setPartnerAnonymousd, setVisitorAttributes and removeVisitorAttributes
  • fix: Edge case where queued up function calls were being cleared near initialization

Released on 08/01/22


  • chore: Updated web sdk to 2.16.20

Released on 07/25/23


  • fix: Set webview background color to transparent
  • fix: Reset webview after presenting a survey
  • add: Handle device rotation
  • chore: Removed coroutine dependencies

Released on 07/25/22


  • chore: Updated LICENSE
  • chore: Updated web sdk to 2.15.5

Released on 03/21/22