Attributes are a set of key-value pairs made up of strings, numbers, and booleans that help you and the UserLeap system to know more information or data about your users as an audience or cohort. Specifically Attributes provide more context about the user in order to gain a better understanding of who they are when they come to your application. Listed below are examples of Attributes as a set of key-value pairs.

Attribute KeyAttribute Value
User LanguageSpanish, English, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese
User CountryCanada, United Kingdom, India, United States, Brazil, Australia, Germany, France
Plan TypeFree, Professional, Standard, Advanced, Enterprise
Feature Cohort StagePaid Alpha, Paid Beta, Paid Production, Free Small, Free Large

UserLeap affords 100 distinct Attribute values for any given Attribute key. In the example above on Plan Type as the Attribute key, there are 5 distinct Attribute values (Free, Professional, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise). Attributes cannot be deleted unless the entirety of the data for a given visitor is also deleted. This means that you must be careful when considering an update to the key-value pairs of a given Attribute. As an alternative to deleting, you may consider creating a new Attribute instead of trying to update the original Attribute.

Ideally, avoid placing a data set that has a high degree of uniqueness in its values. Listed below are examples of items that should not be Attributes.

  • Unique IDs
  • Device IDs
  • Timestamps for unique events or interactions

Purpose of Attributes

Attributes can be used to refine the target users and also filter the response data.

FilteringAttributes, like Events, can be used in a Microsurvey to target and help refine the cohort of users you wish to survey. Unlike Events, Attributes cannot fire or trigger a Microsurvey; they can only Filter.
Microsurvey ResponseAttributes can also be used as filters to drill into the Microsurvey response data (once responses are collected and if at least one of the Respondents had (a) value(s) set for a given Attribute when the microsurvey was delivered the responses contain the Attribute’s values)

Managing Attributes

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