What is Sprig Feedback?

Sprig Feedback enables you to always know what your users think by capturing continuous feedback right in your product or website.

Feedback helps teams:

  • Easily uncover issues and opportunities across your product before they turn into customer support tickets.
  • Measure customer satisfaction and loyalty on autopilot by capturing “always-on” feedback right in your product.
  • Hear directly from users throughout their journey and get their ongoing input on how your product can better meet their needs.

Feedback can be launched in-product through your web application and require SDK installation into your product.


We have a variety of install methods for Web apps and websites. Installing Sprig and deploying a Feedback study can be done in a few minutes.

How to Create Feedback

  1. Click + New Study, then click either New Feedback
  2. Next, you'll see the Sprig Study Editor. Here, you can further customize your Feedback study to match your goal by editing the copy, deleting or adding questions, etc. There are a ton of question types to choose from, plus additional customization options like Skip Logic and Display customization.
  3. Once you like what you see, head over to the Audience tab, where you can add the part of the website that you wish to deploy your study. You'll also have the options to set filters and to create a hyper-targeted study audience.
  4. On the Design tab, you can choose from a variety of display options including Feedback button copy, positioning and study appearance
  5. Once you’ve finished customizing all of your Audience and designs settings, you can preview your study to make sure it looks exactly how you’d like.
  6. Launch & watch product insights roll in.