Microsurvey Questions

Once you finalize a template and select a platform, you will find yourself on the Questions Tab. Here you can do the following:

  1. Adding a Question
  2. Deleting a Question
  3. Deleting or Editing Copy/Text
  4. Add skip logic to manage your microsurvey flow
  5. Customize Thank you Cards.

️ Warning

Changes to microsurveys post-launch may impact data hygiene, see here ) for more information.

Adding a Question

Deleting a Question

Remove/Edit Default Copy/Text

UserLeap dynamic survey copy allows you to make edits to the subheader, placeholder, and button text that is visible on all UserLeap microsurveys:

The open-end question type has a total of three places where you can edit the default text, whereas all other question types are limited to the subheader.

  1. Select Customize Copy from Dropdown

From the Questions Tab, click on the ellipses dropdown.
Click on Customize Copy
Select item to customize

  1. Edit or Remove Copy

For subheaders, you have the option to remove (checkbox below) or edit the copy
For placeholder text or button text, you are limited to edits

Subheader Text:

placeholder Text

Button Text

Adding Skip Logic

️ Warning

Read about Skip Logic for more details.

Customize Thankyou Card

All Sprig surveys, by default, end with a short “Thank You” card which says “Thanks for your input!”. You have the option to remove and/or customize this Thankyou Card.

  1. Select the Thankyou card
  2. Choose whether or not you want to display a thank you card (checkbox below)
  3. Customize headline and subheader

What’s Next