Recruiting Participants

Traditional research methods like 1:1 interviews are important to the researcher’s toolbox. Sprig’s Recruiting prompts & screening survey templates help you with participant recruitment and scheduling tasks.

Sprig is optimized for four recruiting use cases using the following templates:

  • Build a Research Panel - for example, you may want to build an ongoing group of interested users with who you can illicit feedback throughout the product development life cycle.
  • Recruit Participants Directly - use a study to screen participants directly for a study.
  • In-Product Prompt for Concept Test - as before, but use that In-Product study to direct participants into an Unmoderated Concept and Usability Test.
  • Identify Candidates for Follow-Up Screening - Perhaps your initial study has fairly broad screening criteria and you want further to whittle down perspective candidates for a specific study question.

Recruiting a participants

The three main tasks are:

  1. Choose a Template
  2. Edit the Study
  3. Launch the Study

1. Choose a Template

  1. In the Navigation Pane, click + New Study.
  2. Click Recruiting prompts & screening.
  3. Depending on your use case, click either Build a Research Panel, Identify Candidates for Follow-Up Screening, In-Product Prompt for Concept Test, or Recruit Participants Directly.
  4. Click Use this template.

2. Design Questions & Audience

For the Questions tab:

  1. Review the questions.
  2. Customize by changing the wording, deleting a question, or adding a question.
  3. Please note that the first two Text/URL Prompts are used as opt-ins.
  4. At Question 3, you’ll want to determine how many screener questions you’ll need. If you have multiple screener questions, then you can duplicate the question and add another.
  5. Check to ensure all skip logic is in place and correctly directs the user to the right question(s).
  6. Click Save Changes after editing. Saving the changes of your study places it into Draft status.

For the Audience tab:

  1. Choose a Type of Study (Standalone or Concept Test), in this case, Standalone.
  2. Choose How to Send (Web, Mobile, Link, or Email); in this case, Web.
  3. Choose When to Send. Select a trigger; in this case Login.
  1. Choose Who to Send to. Add a filter in your study to refine the target audience that should receive your study. Similar to your study trigger, select an event or attribute to target your eligible users for this study.
  2. Click Save Changes. Saving the changes of your study places it into Draft status.

In the example from this Template, we wish to include users that:

  • Have >= 7 logins (all time)


  • Signed up >= 21 days ago

3. Launch Study

Click the Launch Study button in the top right corner, you should start to see responses come in as time progresses.