AI Replay Analysis (Beta)


Sprig AI Replay Analysis helps you quickly understand user behavior without needing to watch every clip! Sprig AI will group clips into themes based on user behavior within the collected clips.

Sprig Replay AI requires Web SDK v2.26.2 and above in order to generate groups. Currently, this feature is only available for standalone Session Replays.

This feature is currently in Beta, so we welcome your feedback as we look to improve the feature

Getting Started

Using Sprig AI Replay Themes is as easy as:

  1. Launch a Session Replay
  2. Complete the Study
  3. Select the "Generate Groups" CTA
  4. Check back in a few hours, and Voila!
    1. Automatic Clip Groupings that you can click into & see containing clips


How are Replay Themes generated?

  • Sprig AI generates groups based on similar clip characteristics based on user behavior within a session
  • Inputs include both code and no code Sprig events, as well as interactions with the DOM even if they aren't tracked as a Sprig event. This could be a CTA that folks interact with (e.g. the CSS styling on an HTML element) or even interacting (e.g. highlighting) certain text on the page.

What Session Replays are eligible for AI Analysis?

  • Sprig AI Replay Themes are only available for standalone Session Replays
    • Standalone Session Replays with >300 clips will have groups generated based on first 300 clips
  • Sprig AI Replay Themes requires clips to have been recorded using Sprig Web SDK v2.26.2 or newer in order to generate groups

When are Clip Groupings generated?

  • Sprig AI generates groups at various milestones throughout a Replay's lifecycle. Groups are first generated after 5 clips are recorded, then at 15, 30, 50, 100, 200, 300 clips received.