Importing a CSV File

The CSV Import features support:

  • Bulk uploading of user attributes - useful when targeting study respondents.
  • Bulk uploading of Users for creating Manual Groups.


The CSV file must have a column corresponding to the User ID field that can be seen on a visitor's page in the users tab. If you do not add a User ID, a random number will be generated for the User ID.

Steps to import user attributes into Sprig:

  1. In the Navigation Pane, click Users and click Upload CSV.
  2. Optionally, click Download sample CSV to download a file showing an example of the file format required by Sprig.
970340[email protected]Email Campaign 1Canada1
971933[email protected]Email Campaign 1Canada2
251486[email protected]Email Campaign 1United States15
429211[email protected]Email Campaign 2United States20
346380[email protected]Email Campaign 2United States1

Example CSV File



If you used the example CSV file to start with, don't forget to change the column headers to match your attribute labels.

  1. Once you have created your CSV, drag the file to the target or click Browse files.
  2. After you have selected the file to upload, you will be asked to choose which columns should be mapped to user_id.
  3. Then click Continue to Upload. If you want to add the user to a group, select Add users to Group after uploading. For more details on uploading a CSV file to a group click here.



When respondents' User IDs are the same as existing User IDs, new data will be added to that visitor's page in the users tab. Existing attribute values will be overwritten.

If the respondent's User ID is unique (it does not match an existing User ID), a new visitor will be created. Email is not classified as a unique identifier; multiple visitors can share the same email attribute.

Click Refresh Refresh to check on the status of the upload

  1. When it has been completed, Click Users to confirm that the new users have been uploaded.
  2. Click the Browser Reload button (this causes the attributes to be loaded into the Sprig UI).