Importing a CSV File

The CSV Import features support:

  • Bulk uploading of user attributes - useful when targeting study respondents.
  • Bulk list uploads for email studies.

Steps to import user attributes into Sprig:

  1. Click Connect>Upload a Spreadsheet.
  2. Click Download sample CSV. You can use that file as a starting point to create your CSV file.

If you plan to upload a CSV to use for in product research via the web or mobile, then at a minimum, your file will need to contain two unique identifiers: One column that will map to user_id - the identifier linked to the user in your app or website, and another column that maps to email - the email associated with the user. If you plan to upload a CSV for email studies, then you only need email, not user_id. In addition, you will also need a categorical variable in one of the columns (called list_name in the following example file), so you can specify which emails to send the study to.

970340[email protected]Email Campaign 1Canada1
971933[email protected]Email Campaign 1Canada2
251486[email protected]Email Campaign 1United States15
429211[email protected]Email Campaign 2United States20
346380[email protected]Email Campaign 2United States1

Example CSV File

  1. Once you have created your CSV, Click Connect>Upload a Spreadsheet.
  2. After you have selected the file to upload, you will be asked to choose which columns should be mapped to user_id and email.
  3. Then click Continue to Upload.

Click Refresh Refresh to check on the status of the upload

  1. When it has been completed, Click People to confirm that the new users have been uploaded.
  2. Click the Browser Reload button (this causes the attributes to be loaded into the Sprig UI).