Feedback Creation


Feedback Studies is now GA

A couple of notes:

  • Feedback studies specifically will require a No Code Event URL to deploy (inline URL targeting will be a fast follow)
  • minimum SDK version required is v2.27.0

1. Create Feedback

Option A: Create from Scratch

  1. Click on + New Study and select New Feedback

Option B: Duplicate a Study

  1. In the Navigate Pane, click Studies.
  2. Hold the pointer over the Feedback study you want to copy, then click ellipses and select Duplicate.
  3. Edit the study as desired.

2. Add or Modify Questions and add Skip Logic

Learn more in our Advanced Skip Logic guide

  1. Optional: In the top field, rename your Feedback study
  2. Add or edit your Feedback questions
  3. Optional: Add or edit Skip Logic within a question module

Marking a Question as Required

Toggle Required on or off at the top of each question card. Required questions disallow your users to skip ahead in the study.

Drag to Change the Order of Questions

Click on the question number to the left of each question module and drag and drop it to the desired position in your study.

3. Audience & Targeting

Feedback is supported on web-based delivery methods, such as your web application or website. Native mobile app Feedback studies are not available at this time.


  1. Click on the Audience tab in your Feedback study Website / Web App will already be selected as the Delivery Platform


Prerequisite: Sprig installation is completed.

  1. Under Targeting, select an existing Event or click and create a New Event to trigger the Feedback study.
  2. Optional: Click +Add Filter to determine which users are eligible for your study.

Response Configuration

  1. Configure the Response Settings for your Feedback study to either run continuously or until a specific number of responses.

Optional: Replays

  1. You can choose to add Replays to your Feedback to gather even more user insights
    Set the Replay clip recording window, up to 5 minutes before & after the study displays

4. Survey & Button Design

Choose the Design tab and you can choose from many style choices for your Feedback button - including color, placement, and label

  1. Placement - Choose from a variety of tab placement options on desktop and mobile web, or exclude from mobile web entirely
    1. note: Tablets are considered to be web
  2. Label - Add name for your label
  3. Color - Select light or dark

5. Launch Feedback

Click Launch Feedback!


Why isn't my Feedback button showing on the page I expect it to?

There are a few reasons why the Feedback study might not be showing up on a particular webpage:

  • Your URL No Code event might not be configured correctly. Head over to the Events page to verify that your event is recording Activity.
  • Your URL No Code event might be clashing with another No Code URL event due to our URL No Code priority system
    • To ensure your Feedback study displays properly, it is recommended that you use the highest priority parameters or archive conflict URL events that may no longer be in use

How do Feedback studies impact MTUs?

Feedback requires a no code URL event trigger to display on your website or application. Events could increase the number of MTUs if you begin to send events from new anonymous visitors or visitors that are not previously tracked in a given month.
Learn more about MTUs here.

Does Feedback work with both single-page and multi-page applications?

Yes! Feedback works with applications and websites of all shapes and sizes including both single and multi-page websites and applications.
With some multi-page applications, the feedback tab might need to be reloaded on every page. This is especially obvious if the Sprig SDK is set to load on delay!