Survey Creation

1. Create a Survey

Option A: Create from Scratch

  1. Click on + New Study and select New Survey

Option B: Create from a Template (For Surveys and Prototype Tests)

  1. Click on + New Study.
  2. Click on a template category that is closest to your study objectives.
  3. Click a template to inspect its questions and click Use this template on the one closest to your needs.

Option C: Duplicate a Study

  1. In the Navigate Pane, click Studies.
  2. Hold the pointer over the study you want to copy, then click ellipses and select Duplicate.
  3. Edit the study as desired.

2. Add or Modify Questions and add Skip Logic (For Surveys, Feedback and Prototype Tests)

Learn more in our Advanced Skip Logic guide

  1. Optional: In the top field, rename your study.
  2. Add or edit your Study Questions
  3. Optional: For Prototype Test, click Add Prototype URL within a question module to add a design link.
  4. Optional: Add or edit Skip Logic within a question module.

Marking a Question as Required

Toggle Required on or off at the top of each question card. Required questions disallow your users to skip ahead in the study.

Drag to Change the Order of Questions

Click on the question number to the left of each question module and drag and drop it to the desired position in your study.

3. Audience & Targeting

Surveys support all delivery platforms, Replays support Website delivery (Mobile App coming soon), and Prototype Tests support Shareable Link delivery.

Delivery PlatformSurvey
Website / Web Appβœ…
Mobile Appβœ…


  1. Click on the Audience tab in your study.
  2. Select a compatible Delivery Platform as shown above

Targeting (for web or mobile in-product Surveys)

Prerequisite: Sprig installation is complete.

  1. Under Targeting, select an existing Event, or click New Event to create a new event trigger.
  2. Optional: Click + Add Filterto narrow down which users are eligible for your study.

Response Configuration

  1. Optional: Configure Response Options for your survey
  2. Optional: Configure the Recontact Options.

Optional: Add a Replay

  1. You can add a Replay to your Study to gather even more user insights
  2. Set the Replay clip recording window up to 3 minutes before & after the study displays

4. Launch your Study

  1. Click Launch Survey

Collecting Responses

Sprig offers two ways to collect responses:

  • Until a specified number of responses are met
  • Ongoing, up to a certain number of surveys being sent each day

Both options can be customized, allowing you to change the number of responses you're collecting by clicking the Adjust Confidence dropdown and selecting your desired option.

Automatically distributing response collection

To reduce bias and ensure a greater distribution of visitor responses, Sprig uses a leaky bucket algorithm to prevent a survey from collecting all of its responses immediately and completing. When more responses come in over a shorter period of time, Sprig will automatically reduce the rate at which a survey is sent out. As time increases, this rate will go back up and continue to adjust based on the survey's response rate.

Sending a survey to all eligible visitors

In some cases, you might want to send a survey to all of your eligible visitors who trigger an event. This can be done by:

  • Setting your survey to collect responses on an Ongoing basis.
  • From the Adjust Confidence dropdown, select Custom
  • Set the text input to send to 100 percent of your users.
  • Save changes.

Note that this will prioritize this survey over others, and can reduce the rate of responses for other surveys using the same trigger event.

Running multiple surveys using the same event trigger

When multiple surveys rely on the same event trigger, Sprig will automatically rotate through each survey to ensure that each survey is seen and is collecting responses at an appropriate rate. Surveys might still collect responses at different rates, due to different filter criteria (e.g. visitor attributes qualifying them) and recontact waiting periods.

Auto Translated Survey Fields

Sprig allows users the ability to configure web and mobile in product surveys surveys into an unlimited number of languages, learn more here

For web and mobile surveys that are not manually translated, there are a few UI elements that are automatically translated based on the survey respondent's browser locale language in the case that a Sprig user does not choose to override the placeholder text:

  • "Next" and "Finish" CTAs
  • Thank you card text ("Thanks for your input!")

These fields are automatically translated into the following languages: German (DE), Spanish (ES), French (FR), Hindi (HI), Italian (IT), Japanese (JA), Korean (KO), Portuguese (PT), Russian (RU), and Chinese (ZH). For link surveys, the above elements will remain in English.