Main Tasks

This page describes the high-level procedures for designing and launching studies for Web, Mobile, Link, and Email delivery methods.

Designing and launching a study involves four main tasks:

  1. Creating a new Study by either choosing a study Template as a starting point or creating a study from scratch.
  2. Designing your Questions and Skip Logic
  3. Choosing which Audience to target
  4. Launching your study.

1. Creating a New Study

  1. Sign in to the Sprig App.

Option A: Create from Scratch

  1. Click on + New Study and select Create from Scratch.

Option B: Create from a Template

  1. Click on + New Study and select Browse Templates.
  2. Click on a Template Collection that is closest to your study design objectives.
  3. Hold the pointer over each study to inspect its questions and click on the one closest to your needs.

Option C: Duplicate a Study

  1. In the Navigate Pane, click Studies.
  2. Hold the pointer over the Study you want to copy, then click elipses and select Duplicate.
  3. Edit the Study you would as normal.

2. Questions and Skip Logic

  1. Optional: Click General to choose a study folder.
  2. Optional: In the top field, rename your study.
  3. Add or edit your Study Questions.
  4. Optional: Add or edit Skip Logic.

3. Audience

  1. Choose a Type of Study (Standalone or Concept Test)

    1. If Concept Test was selected, add a URL to your Figma prototype.
  2. Choose How to Send (Web, Mobile, Link, or Email)

Option A: Web and Mobile

Prerequisite: Trigger Event solution investigated.

  1. Choose When to Send. Select an existing Event, or click New Event to create a new event trigger.
  2. Optional: Choose Who to Send to. Click + Add Filter.
  3. Optional: Configure Response Options for your study.
  4. Optional: Configure the Recontact Options.

Option B: Link

  1. For Total Responses, choose an option.

Option C: Email

Prerequisite: Email CSV file imported to Sprig.

  1. Select Who to Send to. Click + Add Filter.
  2. Assign the attribute value that corresponds to the email audience.
  3. Edit the Email Content.
  4. Required: For Response Options select Deliver Immediately.
  5. Optional: Click Send Test Email.

4. Launching your Study

  1. Click Launch Study.