With the Sprig & RudderStack integration, you can easily capture in-product insights from your exact target audience with user data sourced across your tech stack.

This code-free Sprig & RudderStack integration allows you to leverage Rudderstack event data and trigger Sprig in-product Surveys and Replays to specific user cohorts based on their unique characteristics.

  • Track and collect all your customer data from a variety of sources, including web and mobile applications
  • Improve the user experience by collecting relevant events and details related to your users leading to more concise insights
  • Send Rudderstack events through cloud and devices allowing you to seamlessly add events into Sprig
  • Ease time-to-insights without having to ask data teams for integration requests

How do I connect Sprig & RudderStack?

This integration is available to Sprig Starter and Enterprise Plan users and all RudderStack users.

In Sprig:

  1. Copy your Sprig API key by logging in to your Sprig dashboard and going to Integrations > Enrichment > Data Import API.
  2. If connecting via web device mode, also copy your Sprig Javascript environment ID by going to Integrations > Installation > JavaScript.

In RudderStack:

  1. In your RudderStack dashboard, go to Directory > Destinations > Cloud Destinations and search for Sprig.
  2. Connect your source and click Continue.
  3. Set up Sprig as a destination in RudderStack by configuring the Name, Public API Key, and if using web device mode, Environment ID.
  4. Specify how you want to route events from your source to Sprig, either device mode or cloud mode.

And that's it! You'll be well on your way to launching in-product Surveys or Replays with targeting powered by your data warehouse.

What connection modes can I use to send events from RudderStack to Sprig?

Connection modeWebMobileServer
Device modeβœ…
Cloud modeβœ…βœ…βœ…