Plans and Billing

Free Trial

Sprig offers a free 14-day trial of Starter plan, giving you the opportunity to experience Sprig's premium products and features, like customizable study styling and GPT-powered AI Analysis. No payment information is required, and you can upgrade to any of Sprig's premium plans at any time.

If you're new to Sprig, click here to create an account and start your free trial of Sprig. If you already have a Sprig account, click here to start your free trial

If you decide to not upgrade your Sprig plan during the free trial, your account will automatically be switched to our Free plan and any in-progress studies will be marked complete.


Sprig supports three plans, Free, Starter, and Enterprise. The Sprig Website provides more details on the differences between the 3 plans. You can verify your current Plan by going to the Settings > Plans page in the Sprig app.

The main differences between the 3 plans are the number of Studies and Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs) you can use each month, as well as the Survey Delivery Platforms available to you. The Enterprise Plan also features greater design customization options and increased customer support.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is designed for organizations that are scaling their product development, so it can be completely tailored to your needs. Your package can include a custom number of Surveys, MTUs, and Prototype Tests to fit your team's usage.

The Enterprise Plan gives you access to all Delivery Methods, custom limits for Surveys, Replays, and Prototype Testing (Web, Mobile, and Link), GPT-powered AI Analysis, API access, and customizable study look and feel. Plan pricing varies based on needs.

Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is designed for professionals and teams collecting user insights from a small user base.

The Starter Plan provides (monthly):

  • Up to 6 In Product Studies (Surveys, Feedback or Replays) per Month - Web Delivery (requires SDK Install)
    • Mobile Delivery available as add on
  • 2 Prototype Tests
  • Unlimited Link Surveys
  • Up to 50k MTUs

Additionally provides access to native integrations with top-rated panel providers. Check out the Plans and Pricing page for more details.

Free Plan

The Free Plan is designed for individuals and teams just getting started with capturing quick and easy user insights.

The Free Plan provides (monthly):

  • 1 In Product Study (Survey or Survey w/ Replay) - Web Delivery (requires SDK Install)
  • 1 Prototype Tests
  • 1 Link Surveys
  • 5k MTUs

Consider upgrading to a Starter or Enterprise Plan if you'd like access to mobile delivered surveys, integrations as well as more robust Sprig AI Analysis. To upgrade, click here to book a call.

Teams and Products

The Team contains all the Members, or users, who can access the Sprig app with their email addresses. The Team is often described as your Sprig account. The Plan you choose and the Billing each month are associated with the Team. You can add multiple Products to a Team. All Products in a Team are accessible by Members of that Team. You cannot share Member information or any other information between Teams. Sprig determines which Team you are placed into based on your login credentials. You will need a different email if you want to log into other Teams.

Some customers may decide to have all their Products in one Team. Other customers may choose to have multiple Teams with multiple Products. Before adding a Team or a Product, contact us so that we can review the options to determine if you should create a new Team or join an existing Team. If you need help locating your company's Sprig app, contact Sprig at [email protected].


Plans, Teams, Products and Environments


Sprig's billing is based on the number of Surveys, Prototype Tests, and Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs) included in your contract. Please note that your team may incur additional charges if you exceed your allotted usage for MTUs in a given calendar month. You can view your team's billing information by navigating to Settings > Plans.

Sprig will invoice your company according to the service terms expressed in the agreement. For all billing questions, please contact [email protected].

Plan Changes

How can I upgrade?

Free and Starter Plan customers who are interested in upgrade options can click here to explore our plans or go to Settings > Plans to set up a consultation with a Sprig Specialist.

Enterprise Plan customers can contact your account team or email Sprig Support at [email protected] if you have questions or would like to upgrade your plan to add Surveys, Replays, or Prototype Tests.

How can I downgrade?

If you want to discuss downgrade options, please email Sprig Support at [email protected].

How can I cancel my Starter Plan?

To cancel your Starter plan, head to Settings > Billing & Plans > Manage plan and login to the billing system with the email used to set up billing. From there, you will be able to cancel your plan.

Your plan will revert to a Free Plan after the current billing cycle ends.