Plans, Billing, and Usage

Free Trial

Sprig offers a free 14-day trial of Starter plan, giving you the opportunity to experience Sprig's premium products and features, like in-product Surveys and Replay and GPT-powered AI Analysis. No payment information is required, and you can upgrade to any of Sprig's premium plans at any time.

If you're new to Sprig, click here to create an account and start your free trial of Sprig. If you already have a Sprig account, click here to start your free trial

If you decide to not upgrade your Sprig plan during the free trial, your account will automatically be switched to our Free plan and any in-progress studies will be marked complete.


Sprig supports three plans, Free, Starter, and Enterprise. The Sprig Website provides more details on the differences between the 3 plans. You can verify your current Plan by going to the Settings > Plans page in the Sprig app.

The main differences between the 3 plans are the number of Surveys/Replays, Prototype Tests, and Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs) you can use each month, as well as the Survey Delivery Platforms available to you. The Enterprise Plan also features greater design customization options and increased customer support.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is designed for organizations that are scaling their product development, so it can be completely tailored to your needs. Your package can include a custom number of Surveys, MTUs, and Prototype Tests to fit your team's usage.

The Enterprise Plan gives you access to all question types and Delivery Methods (Web, Mobile, and Link) that are available for each study type. The Enterprise Plan also includes Sprig GPT-powered AI Analysis, advanced data export capabilities, and completely customizable study look and feel. Plan pricing is based on your customizations.

Starter Plan

The Starter Plan is designed for professionals looking to capture insights from a small user base. The Starter Plan provides 2 Surveys/Replays with Web and Link Delivery, as well as 2 Prototype Tests each month. It also includes advanced targeting and native integrations with top-rated panel providers. Starter Plan is priced at $175/month billed annually or $199/month.

Free Plan

The Free Plan is designed for individuals just starting to capture user insights. The Free Plan provides 1 shareable link Survey and 1 Prototype Test each month. You may consider upgrading to a Starter or Enterprise Plan if you'd like access to in-product Surveys and Replays, as well as Sprig AI Analysis. To upgrade, click here to book a call.

Teams and Products

The Team contains all the Members, or users, who can access the Sprig app with their email addresses. The Team is often described as your Sprig account. The Plan you choose and the Billing each month are associated with the Team. You can add multiple Products to a Team. All Products in a Team are accessible by Members of that Team. You cannot share Member information or any other information between Teams. Sprig determines which Team you are placed into based on your login credentials. You will need a different email if you want to log into other Teams.

Some customers may decide to have all their Products in one Team. Other customers may choose to have multiple Teams with multiple Products. Before adding a Team or a Product, contact us so that we can review the options to determine if you should create a new Team or join an existing Team. If you need help locating your company's Sprig app, contact Sprig at [email protected]


Plans, Teams, Products and Environments


Sprig's billing is based on the number of Surveys, Prototype Tests, and Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs) included in your contract. Please note that your team may incur additional charges if you exceed your allotted usage for MTUs in a given calendar month. You can view your team's billing information by navigating to Settings > Plans.

Sprig will invoice your company according to the service terms expressed in the agreement. For all billing questions, please contact [email protected].

Study Usage

How is my study usage tracked?

Any study that receives one or more responses in a calendar month is considered “Active” and counts towards your monthly limit across all Production environments. Your active studies are tracked and allocated separately.

Enterprise and Starter admins can request usage limits to prevent their team from launching studies when they’ve reached the contracted monthly limits by going to Settings > Usage and submitting a request to Sprig Customer Success.

When do monthly study usage limits reset?

Your monthly usage allowance for studies will be renewed on your Turnover Date each calendar month. You can see your team's Turnover Date in the Sprig app by going to Settings > Usage.

Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs)

What is an MTU?

Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs) measure the number of individual Visitors within a given calendar month who have accessed your web page or application and have done one of the following:

  • Have an Attribute set or updated
  • Initiated a tracked Event
  • Interacted with an in-product Survey

MTU usage is an important factor in billing for Enterprise Surveys customers, as exceeding your monthly usage limit may lead to overage charges. Enterprise Plans with Survey access offer a customizable number of MTUs, Starter Plan offers a hard limit of 25,000 MTUs, and the Free Plan offers a hard limit of 5,000 MTUs.


MTU Visitor Usage Model

How is MTU usage tracked?

MTU usage is shared across all Products within a Team and across all Environments. To monitor your team's MTU usage during the month, head over to Settings > Usage in the Sprig app.

MTUs can only be tracked as individual visitors if you provide a common identity for each unique visitor. Users tracked without a common ID, such as anonymous visitors to a website, may be counted multiple times for each session.

Keep in mind that if you start tracking an Event or Attribute, every incidence will be counted towards your MTU usage, even if none of your Surveys are actively using it in its Audience settings. To avoid incurring unexpected billing fees for Enterprise users, it is critical to understand where, when, and how you want to track users when integrating and maintaining Sprig, including the step to follow their identity as part of your product feedback strategy.

How do my Events & Attributes affect my usage?

While you might be tempted to send any and all of your user Events & Attributes over to Sprig, there are some limitations that you'll want to keep in mind. Sprig allows for a maximum average of 100 Events & Attributes per MTU on a monthly basis. You can view your team's Events & Attributes per MTU usage during the month by heading over to Settings > Usage in the Sprig app.

For customers that send more than 100 Events & Attributes per MTU in a month, that overage will be converted into MTUs and count towards your overall MTU limit. To reduce the number of Events & Attributes your product sends to Sprig, we recommend archiving anything your team is not actively using in your survey targeting. Admins can take advantage of Sprig’s self-serve tool to easily view and archive unused Events and Attributes by going to Settings > Usage.

When do monthly MTU usage limits reset?

Your monthly usage allowance for MTUs will be renewed on your Turnover Date each calendar month. You can see your team's Turnover Date in the Sprig app by going to Settings > Usage.

How can I reduce my team's MTU usage?

If you're looking to avoid MTU overage charges and want to reduce your MTU count, consider one or more of the following options:

  1. MTU Sampling: Throttle or gate how Sprig SDKs are loaded into your environment, allowing you to control the amount of traffic you send to Sprig from your App. See below for more information on how to set up MTU sampling.

  2. Track User IDs: Manage users’ identity consistently to limit the number of “anonymous” users who may be counted multiple times for each session. This is especially important if you’re using Sprig SDK with other Integrations like Segment or Google Tag Manager.

  3. Archive unused Events or Attributes: Since all Events and Attributes you’ve asked Sprig to track count towards your MTU usage, it’s good practice to archive any that aren’t actively being used in your Surveys’ Audience settings. Admins can take advantage of Sprig’s self-serve archiving tool by going to Settings > Usage to view and archive unused Events and Attributes.

  4. Request MTU usage limiting: Admins can implement hard MTU limits, so your team’s account will stop tracking MTUs once you’ve reached your usage limit for the month. This does mean that Sprig will not receive or record any user Events/Attributes data or deliver any In-Product Surveys for the remainder of the month until your usage limits reset. You can send an MTU usage limiting request to Sprig Customer Success by going to Settings > Usage.

MTU Sampling

How can I determine if MTU sampling is right for me?

Here are some of the considerations you should make before you decide to set up MTU sampling and send less than 100% of your audience to Sprig.

  1. How will we account for a representative sample of our user base? Will we need to over index in more niche areas to ensure users are able to provide us with feedback?
  2. To what extent will the speed to insights be impacted? As a general rule of thumb, customers that do sample should try to keep it to no less than 20-25% of their overall audience. Note, this does vary depending on the total active user number.

What types of sampling does Sprig offer?

Sprig offers two main ways of sampling the number of MTUs you send to Sprig, “Customer owned” and “Sprig owned”.

You should go with the customer owned option if you have requirements for sampling that could change based on demographics or other niche segments. This is most often the best option for enterprise-sized companies.

You should go with the Sprig owned option if your requirements are basic, so you need you to stay below your threshold and nothing else. This is most often the best option for mid-market sized companies.

Customer Owned Sampling

Customer owned sampling is a system or set of rules developed by the customer to gate a predetermined number of users into Sprig. Since it’s owned by the customer, they can easily increase or decrease at will.

#Check if user already has been gated into loading the Sprig SDK 
user_flag = check_sprig_flag(user_id)
# if user state is not set, randomly determine if user is gated in 
if user_flag is NULL: user_flag = flag_user() end

# if user state is true, load the Sprig SDK
if user_flag is True: load_sprig() end

# example function definitions below # ============

function check_sprig_flag(user_id): 
#logic that should look up a user's flag in database/storage by user ID. 
# if flag exists, return it 
# if flag does not exist return NULL
return flag

function flag_user(): # logic to determine if user should be feature flagged into Sprig goes here

# store this flag in reference to user ID in database/storage, so that
# check_sprig_flag() function can reference it on next application load
return flag

function load_sprig(): 
# load SDK based on whichever environment you're using
Sampling using A/B Tools

Similar sampling approaches can be used through your company-owned A/B testing product by feature-flagging Sprig for a specific group of users.

With feature-flagging, only a certain set of users can see or use a specific product feature--in this case, Sprig. We recommend working with your internal analytics or data science team to understand the user groups and how you wish to feature-flag them into Sprig.

Sprig Owned Sampling

Sprig owned sampling is a configuration set by Sprig per platform (iOS, Web, Android) that determines who should & should not load into Sprig. It is a random sample of the audience and cannot be customized further. In order to set up Sprig owned sampling, you can submit a request to the Sprig team by visiting Settings > Usage.

Plan Changes

How can I upgrade?

Free and Starter Plan customers who are interested in upgrade options can click here to explore our plans or go to Settings > Plans to set up a consultation with a Sprig Specialist.

Enterprise Plan customers can contact your account team or email Sprig Support at [email protected] if you have questions or would like to upgrade your plan to add Surveys, Replays, or Prototype Tests.

How can I downgrade?

If you want to discuss downgrade options, please email Sprig Support at [email protected]