Plans, Teams and Billing


Sprig supports two plans, Free and Enterprise. The Sprig Website provides more details on the differences between the plans. You can also verify your current Plan by going to the Settings > Billing Info page in the Sprig application.

The main differences between the two plans are the number of Studies, Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs), and Delivery Methods available. The Enterprise plan also features greater study customization and increased service and support compared to the Free plan.

The Enterprise Plan is fully customizable to your needs. Your package can include either Surveys, or Concept and Usability Tests, or both. In addition, if you chose Surveys, you would receive one complimentary Concept and Usability Test, or vice versa. The number of monthly surveys and/or concept tests in your plan can also be customized. The Enterprise Plan also gives you access to all question types and Delivery Methods (Web, Mobile, Email and Link) that are available for each study type.

The Free Plan provides one Survey with Link Delivery Method and one Concept and Usability Test each month. You may consider upgrading to an Enterprise Plan if you'd like additional Surveys, Concept Tests, MTUs, and/or Delivery Methods. To upgrade, click here to book a call or email us at [email protected]


The Team contains all the Members, or users, who can access the Sprig app with their email addresses. The Team is often described as your Sprig account. The Plan you choose and the Billing each month are associated with the Team. You can add multiple Products to a Team. All Products in a Team are accessible by Members of that Team. You cannot share Member information or any other information between Teams. Sprig determines which Team you are placed into based on your login credentials. You will need a different email if you want to log into other Teams.
Some customers may decide to have all their Products in one Team. Other customers may choose to have multiple Teams with multiple Products. Before adding a Team or a Product, contact us so that we can review the options to determine if you should create a new Team or join an existing Team. If you need help locating your company's Sprig app, contact Sprig Support.


Plans, Teams, Products and Environments

Billing Info

Additional usage data can be viewed by navigating to Settings > Usage & Billing. For all billing questions, please contact [email protected].

Sprig will invoice your company according to the service terms expressed in the agreement. The primary dimensions of most contracts center around the number of Studies, Concept Tests, and Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs).

How are MTUs determined?

A Monthly Tracked User (MTU) is an important factor in pricing for Surveys. MTUs measure the number of individual Visitors, on a calendar month basis, who access your web page or application, and they have done one of the following:

  • have an Attribute set or updated, or
  • initiate a tracked Event, or
  • when they interact with a Study.

Enterprise Plans with Survey access offer a customizable number of MTUs, while the Free Plan offers a finite count of MTUs. MTU count is shared across all Products within a Team and across all Environments. MTUs can only be tracked as individual visitors if you provide a common identity for each unique visitor. Users tracked without a common ID, such as anonymous visitors to a website, may be counted multiple times for each session. MTUs will continue to be measured and thus incur billing fees even if Studies are not actively using the MTU. It is critical to understand where, when, and how you want to track users when integrating and maintaining Sprig, including the step to follow their identity as part of your research strategy.


MTU Visitor Usage Model

How do I manage MTUs?

If you want to reduce your MTU count, consider one or more of the following options:

  • Throttle or gate how Sprig SDKs are loaded into your environment. This technique is sometimes called Sampling. If you need help learning how to Sample, reach out to [email protected] to get tailored advice for your particular installation.
  • Manage the identity consistently if you’re using Sprig SDK with other Integrations like Segment or Google Tag Manager.
  • If you’re tracking several unused Events or Attributes, you can access the Data Hub page, sort by “usage,” and consider archiving items that may no longer be needed.

How is an active survey or concept test determined?

Another factor in billing is the number of active surveys or concept tests in your account each month. Your active surveys and concept tests are tracked and allocated separately. Enterprise customers can customize their monthly count of active surveys and concept tests, while Free users receive one of each.
An active survey or concept test has recorded at least one response in the last calendar month for all Production environments. Surveys or concept tests that have not yet received a response during this period are not included in your usage counts.



Archiving a survey will not affect the MTU count. To reduce the number of MTUs associated with a survey, you must archive all the events and attributes associated with that survey. This includes events that can trigger that survey and setting attributes that are sent to that survey.

When are the billing counts refreshed?

The Turnover Date is when your monthly usage allowance will be renewed. It is based on calendar months.


Free Plan customers who are interested in upgrade options can click here to explore our plans or email Sprig Support at [email protected]
Enterprise Plan customers can contact your account team or email Sprig Support at [email protected] if you have questions or would like to upgrade your plan to add Surveys or Concept & Usability Tests.


If you want to discuss downgrade options, please email Sprig Support at [email protected]