The Sprig and Amplitude integration enables you to get the full picture of your product experience by uniting your user insights and product analytics in one platform. This integration automatically sends your Sprig survey data to Amplitude in real time, so you can analyze product metrics alongside customer sentiment to uncover the “why” behind your users’ behavior. By pairing your qualitative and quantitative data, your team can surface and solve customer issues, deeply understand users' needs, and make product decisions with conviction.

Here are some of the many ways your team can use the Sprig & Amplitude integration to elevate your product development process:

✔️ Continuously track your critical user journeys to surface pain points and understand how to solve them.
✔️ Collect continuous user feedback and analyze results by segment or use to build new cohorts.
✔️ Detect a drop-off point in your conversion or onboarding flow and pinpoint the exact reason behind it.


How do I connect Sprig and Amplitude?

This integration is available to Sprig Starter and Enterprise Plan users and all Amplitude users.

  1. Log into Amplitude and go to Settings

  2. Under Organization Settings, click Projects, and click into the project you'd like to integrate with Sprig

  3. Copy the API Key

  4. Log into Sprig and visit the Integrations page

  5. Click into the Amplitude card, and select the tab corresponding to the environment you'd like to set up (Development or Production)

  6. Paste your Amplitude API Key and click Save

  7. Sprig study responses will begin flowing into Amplitude under the event name sprig_study_response

Are there any factors I should consider before using this integration?

  1. To analyze your Sprig data alongside your other data in Amplitude, you must identify users on both platforms in the same way. A user's User ID in Sprig must match the user_id in Amplitude.
  2. Ensure that integrating Sprig will not push you over your Amplitude usage limits. Every response to an individual question will be sent to Amplitude as a specific event.
    For example, if you have a 3-question survey and 5 users respond to all questions, Amplitude will receive 15 events from Sprig. If you are close to your monthly event limit for a project, enabling the Sprig integration may push you over the limit. If you have additional questions, reach out to Customer Success.