Learn about how Sprig tracks usage and how it impacts your account limits

As of June 2024, Sprig is rolling out a new pricing & usage model based on individual Study Units (responses, clips and Heatmap sessions) and Monthly Unique Users to better support a broader diversity of customers.


Sprigs billing and usage model has two main components:

  • A platform fee that incorporates monthly usage
    • as measured by Monthly Unique Users
  • Product access & per product bundles

Product Usage

How is Survey, Replay, Heatmap, and Feedback Usage tracked?

  • Replays: The number of Replay clips captured in a calendar month. Clips can be captured as part of standalone Replay studies, or captured alongside Feedback and Survey responses, or Heatmap sessions

  • Heatmaps: Heatmap usage is tracked based on the number of visitor sessions captured in a Heatmap report in a calendar month.

    • Note: This product is currently in Beta and will not count towards monthly usage
  • Feedback: The number of Feedback responses collected in a calendar month. A response is counted if a visitor answers at least one question of your Feedback study. Feedback responses are tracked separately from Survey responses

  • Surveys: The number of Survey responses collected in a calendar month. A response is counted if a visitor answers at least one question of your survey

Your monthly usage allowance for studies will be renewed at the start of each calendar month.

Monthly Unique Users (MUU) Usage

What is an MUU?

Monthly Unique Users (MUUs) are a measure of the number of unique Visitors within a month that have visited your web page or interacted with your application. It is important to note that an MUU is not necessarily a person that has seen a Survey or Feedback Study, or been captured as part of a Replay or Heatmap.

MUUs are an important factor in billing, as exceeding your monthly usage limit may result in being unable to launch additional studies or your active studies being unable to collect responses. Enterprise Plans offer a customizable number of MUUs, Starter Plans & Free plans currently subscribe to our Legacy MTU model.

To estimate how many MUUs you'll need for your Sprig plan, you can use your monthly active user (MAU) count from your product analytics tool as a starting point. If you would like to increase your MUU limits or upgrade your plan, please reach out to Sales

How Sprig tracks MUUs

How Sprig tracks MUUs

How is MUU usage tracked and how can I monitor usage?

MUU allocation is shared across all Products within a Team and across all Environments. To monitor your team's MUU usage throughout the month, head over to Settings > Usage in the Sprig app. Additionally, you will be proactively alerted at various usage milestones as you approach MUU limits.

Accurate tracking requires a common identity provided for each unique visitor.  Users tracked without a common ID, such as anonymous visitors to a website, may be counted multiple times for each session. See the Installation Guide for more information.

When do monthly MUU usage limits reset?

Your monthly usage allowance for studies will be renewed at the start of each calendar month.

How can I reduce my team's MUU usage?

If you're looking to avoid MUU overages, consider one or more of the following options:

  1. Track User IDs: Manage user identity consistently to limit the number of “anonymous” users who may be counted multiple times during a month. This is especially important if you’re using Sprig SDK with other Integrations like Segment or Google Tag Manager. See installation guide for best practices.
  2. Upgrade your plan and/or Increase MUU limits by talking with Sales
  3. MUU Sampling: (Not recommended) Admins can request Sprig Customer Success to implement sampling to control the amount of traffic sent to Sprig from your App.

Other Usage FAQs

Can I allocate MUUs across products or environments?

At this time, admins are unable to selectively allocate MUUs across products or environments. We recommend monitoring MUU usage throughout the month. You can filter Usage charts by Product under Settings > Usage.

Why is my MUU count different from that provided by other tools?

Each tool counts users under different conditions. Different ingestion methods and data processings will naturally generate different results. As a reminder, Sprig tracks MUUs that due to qualifying occurrences in app or are exposed to a link survey.

Is there a limit to the number of Events & Attributes I can collect about Users?

While you might be tempted to send any and all of your user Events & Attributes over to Sprig, there are some limitations that you'll want to keep in mind.

Sprig allows for a maximum average of 100 Events & Attributes per MUU on a monthly basis. If this limit is exceeded, a Sprig customer success person will reach out to discuss how you can reduce the number of Events & Attributes per MUU.