To build better products, you need the right insights from the right users. After all, you’ll always get more actionable feedback when you talk to users who have faced the same problem you’re trying to solve.

With the Sprig & Census integration, you can easily capture in-product feedback from your exact target audience using 360° user data straight from your warehouse.

With every piece of product, support, and sales data at your fingertips, you can send Sprig In-Product Surveys to specific cohorts based on characteristics like lifetime value, NPS & CSAT scores, product engagement, and so much more.

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What are Sprig In-Product Surveys?

Sprig In-Product Surveys enable you to target specific users in your product and capture their product experience insights at scale.

In-Product Surveys help teams:

  • Capture bite-sized user insights to answer the “why” behind product analytics.
  • Learn exactly how users feel about new features.
  • Measure core flows and ensure they’re meeting customer needs.
  • Quickly discover pain points and prioritize what to work on next.

How do I connect Sprig & Census?

This integration is available to Sprig Starter and Enterprise Plan users and all Census users.

Click here for a video demo of the setup process.

  1. First, head over to the Sprig app and log in.
  2. Don't have a Sprig Starter or Enterprise account? Click here to learn more about our plan offering.
  3. Go to the Sprig Integrations page and select Public API.
  4. Then, copy the relevant API key (either production or development).
  5. Now, head over to Census and log into your account. If you don't have a Census account, you can try it out for free here.
  6. Click Add Service and select Sprig from the menu.
  7. Drop in the key you copied from Sprig under API Key.
  8. Customize the sync to your specifications and click Create Sync.
  9. To confirm that the sync is working as expected, visit the Sprig People page and check that your Census user data has populated.

And that's it! You'll be well on your way to launching In-Product Surveys with targeting powered by your data warehouse.

What types of data can I send from Census to Sprig?

Object NameSupported?Identifiers?Behaviours
User:white-check-mark:User IDUpdate or Create