In Settings > Configure, you can:

  • Change the Product Name.
  • Configure whether or not to Auto Accept Events.
  • For web-based single-page applications, dismiss the study on page change.
  • Define the Recontact Waiting Period.
  • Allow Manual Study Display from the command line.

Product Name

Use this option to change the product name .

Auto Accept Events

Sprig will automatically accept unregistered events from your websites or apps to your list of triggered events.

Dismiss on Page Change

For web-based single-page applications (SPA), there is an option to dismiss (close) the study on page change. Note: after the waiting period, for page URL-based events, the study is only shown if the page URL still exactly matches the URL as originally defined.

Recontact Waiting Period

Recontact Waiting Period sets the minimum number of days across all studies to wait before delivering a study to the same person.

Allow Manual Study Display

Enable manual displaySurvey function for testing purposes, making studies publicly accessible by numeric ID.