Products and Environments


If you have multiple services, products, or websites and would rather assign a single domain for each product, you might consider adding additional Products to Sprig. Products have distinct data flows, studies, and events in one environment. product to Sprig is supported at all plan levels

Adding a Product

Adding a product to Sprig is supported at all plan levels, and allows you to partition your account to support multiple products.

Things to Consider

Sprig identifies users by a unique identifier, visitorids, and then determines whether or not they should be eligible to receive another Sprig study. Users that are tracked through the new product are treated as new users and will carry unique visitorids. So in this case it is possible for the same user to receive more than one study within the same day.

️ Warning

As with environments, you cannot share user identities across Product boundaries.


Deleting a Product

Deleting a product requires contacting Sprig customer support. Contact [email protected] to remove a product from your Sprig account.


There are 2 environments for each product in your Sprig account: the Development and Production environment. These have distinct data flows, studies, and events in one environment cannot be used in or moved to the other environment.

In the following example, the current Environment, Production, is shown under the Product name in the Account menu.

Account MenuAccount Menu

Account Menu

To change from the Production to Development Environment, select Account> Environment , then select Development.

Development and Production

The Development and Production environments have two distinct but similar purposes.

The purpose of your development environment is to test study delivery and appearance. The environment operates and appears like the production environment, with some exceptions.

The Production environment is where you should keep all studies you intend to collect data from. The production environment has fully function recontact periods, so after a visitor is shown a study, they will not receive another until the default period expires or the override period for the study is completed. For more information, see Recontact Waiting Period.

The main difference between the Development and Production environments is that there is no recontact period in the Development environment. This is intended to allow for rapid testing of events and question logic.


In addition, when setting up an SDK based event, be aware that the Production and Development IDs are different. They must be correctly configured with the corresponding ID for that environment to receive events. You can find the IDs at:

  • Connect > JavaScript >Get Code
  • Connect > iOS > Get Environment ID
  • Connect > Android > Get Environment ID



The Production and Development IDs are the same for JavaScript, iOS, and Android.