AI Analysis

What is AI Analysis?

Sprig AI Analysis saves you from endless manual analysis by automatically transforming open-text survey responses into actionable product insights with the power of OpenAI's GPT large language model.

AI Analysis helps teams:

  • Automatically identify themes and recommendations your analytics can’t show you.
  • Get a rich snapshot of users’ needs to prioritize which new features to work on next.
  • Uncover emerging trends in users’ behavior before they have a chance to impact metrics.

How to Use AI Analysis

  1. Create and launch a Survey or Prototype Test with an open text question.
  2. Once you’ve collected even just a single response, the Sprig AI begins generating feedback themes and recommendations.
  3. To explore these themes, click Studies in the Navigation pane and select the study in question.
  4. Ensure you’re on the Summary tab, and then scroll down to the open-text question response table.
  5. All themes identified by Sprig will be shown in the table. Click on any themes of interest to review the individual open-text responses driving it.
  6. Keep checking in on AI themes as they evolve with new responses. As each new response comes in, it's assigned to an existing theme, and at larger intervals of new responses, overall themes will be reevaluated and regenerated.


AI Analysis is powered by OpenAI’s GPT large language models. You can see OpenAI’s privacy policy here.

Sprig sends responses to OpenAI’s GPT model to generate summary themes, which include a short label with description capturing the nuance of the responses.

Note that OpenAI API data is automatically deleted after 30 days and NOT used to train the Open AI models. Themes are also monitored by humans for quality assurance.