Exporting Study Data

Export a CSV file with your Study data


Draw further insights from your data by exporting a csv file under Studies > {Select Your Study} > Download CSV

Download a CSV file

  1. Select Download CSV
  2. Choose your Column Format:
    1. Labels (Recommended) - a string describing the selected choice or theme
    2. Values (Preferred by Data Scientists) - an integer describing the selected choice or theme
    3. Both
  3. (Optional) Include themes generated by Sprig AI for Open Text responses
  4. (Optional) Include filtering user attributes alongside responses

Column Format Options

Sprig offers two different column export options for Surveys with Multiple Choice question types.



Multiple Choice Multi Select questions will have answers indicated by 1/0 in a column that corresponds to choices (example above).

Multiple Choice Single Select questions will have an index corresponding to the choice selected in a single cell (not pictured).

Note: Text/URL Prompt, Consent/Legal, Open Text, Rating Scale, NPS, and Video & Voice question types will have their data structure displayed the same, regardless of column format choice.

File Columns:

  • browser - browser type
  • completedAt - study completion time/date
  • createdAt - study response start time/date
  • custom_attributes
  • customMetadata
  • href - the page URL the study appeared on for in-product studies
  • os - client OS
  • Responses to each question
  • responseGroupUid
  • surveyId
  • surveyName
  • Themes identified for each open-ended response
  • triggeringEvent - the event that triggered the study
  • userAgent - information about the user's browser and client
  • userId
  • visitorId