Exporting Study Data

Export a CSV file with your data.

To dig deeper into your results and compare your qualitative and quantitative data, you can download all of the data from any study as a CSV. The file contains:

  • surveyId
  • surveyName
  • visitorId
  • href - the page URL the study appeared on for in-product studies
  • createdAt - study completion time/date
  • userId
  • custom_attributes
  • os - client OS
  • browser - browser type
  • userAgent - information about the user's browser and client
  • customMetadata
  • triggeringEvent - the event that triggered the study
  • responseGroupUid
  • Responses to each question
  • Themes identified for each open-ended response

Download the CSV file:

  1. In the Navigation Pane, click Studies.
  2. Single-click on the study you want to export the data from.
  3. Click Responses.
  4. Click Download CSV.
  5. Choose your Column Format: Labels - a string describing the selected choice or theme, one column per choice, Values - an integer describing the selected choice or theme, one column per response, or Both.
  6. Click Included Themes to choose which questions with themes to download.
  7. Click Custom Attributes to choose which attributes to download.
  8. Click Download CSV.