With our new and improved Skip Logic beta feature, you have even more control over which questions you display to your users based on how they respond to both current and previous questions. Improvements to this feature also include the ability to add multiple logic conditions to a single question and new “does not include” operator for multiple choice multi-select questions. Create a new study to try out advanced Skip Logic (just make sure your Sprig web SDK is up to date!)

With Sprig's new integrations with Mixpanel and Launchdarkly, product teams can now quickly identify areas for improvement, measure the impact of changes, and confidently iterate to create better product experiences. Already using Mixpanel or Launchdarkly? Start using them with Sprig today by heading over to the Sprig Integrations Gallery to install in just a few clicks.

Sprig is excited to expand our product experience insights offering with Replays. With this new product, you can watch a clip at a targeted point in the user journey, like in your onboarding flow or as they use your newest feature, so you can see firsthand what’s working and what’s not. Ready to launch a Replay yourself? This product is currently in beta, so if you don’t see it in your account yet, just keep an eye out!

At Sprig, we value continuous iteration to ensure that we are always building bigger and better products that meet the evolving needs of our users.

To this end, we’d like to share that due to low adoption among our user base, the Sprig platform will no longer support study delivery via Email. You can still send email studies using your own CRM by selecting Link delivery and embedding the URL into an email.

This decision will allow us to focus on developing products that we know our users will love. That includes our upcoming May 3rd product release, which we anticipate will be a game changer for all Sprig users. Feel to reach out to your dedicated Sprig representative if you have any questions.

In the recently revamped Integrations Gallery, we’ve added step-by-step installation guides so you can quickly onboard onto Sprig and start sending In-Product Surveys with advanced targeting. You’ll also see automatic verification statuses once you complete each installation step, making it easier for you and your developers to track your progress through the installation process.

Haven’t installed Sprig yet? Explore all of your options, including Javascript, GTM, and Segment here.


Want to elevate your product development by leveraging user insights and product metrics together? The new Sprig and Amplitude integration automatically sends your Sprig In-Product Survey data to Amplitude, so you can identify customer behavior trends with Amplitude and uncover the user insights driving them with Sprig. Learn more about the integration or install it in just a few clicks here.


The Sprig Connect page has been completely redesigned into the new Integrations Gallery. You’ll see new categories, plus dedicated pages for each integration with extra details and instructions. These updates make it easy to send user insights and product data between Sprig and your favorite tools. Click here to explore the Integrations Gallery yourself and start connecting Sprig to dozens of other tools.