Join us on Thursday, June 27 at 11:00 AM PT for a demo of Sprig Feedback, the newest addition to our product experience platform. Sprig Feedback empowers you to effortlessly capture continuous user feedback right in your product or website, so you always know what your users are thinking. Denisse Dominguez, Solutions Consultant at Sprig, will walk you through how to easily start using Feedback in just a few clicks and then learn from your users at scale by using Feedback with our customer-favorite AI Analysis.

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Now, you can share your study goal with Sprig AI to receive results that are tailored toward your study objectives across your AI Summary, Open Text Analysis themes, and ongoing insight generation. Try it out by going to any of your Sprig Survey and Feedback results and adding your specific study goal. Your AI Analysis will refine based on your goal, and your study’s underlying response data will remain unchanged.

We’ve made a host of user-requested optimizations to the Sprig Study Editor! These updates include the ability to: add rich text editing to all question types, drag and drop Multiple Choice responses, show Multiple Choice responses in a dropdown, add a footer to Open Text questions, and skip adding video prompts for Voice and Video questions. Test out these updates by creating a study from scratch or a template.

Sprig Feedback, the newest addition to our product experience platform, empowers you to effortlessly capture continuous user feedback right in your product or website, so you always know what your users are thinking.

Here's how Sprig Feedback enables you to continuously learn from your users:

  • Seamless Setup: Launch Feedback buttons across your core flows in minutes and enjoy ongoing insights without having to lift a finger again.
  • More Feedback, Less Effort: With passive Feedback buttons built into your product experience, expect to receive up to 3x more responses from your users.
  • Actionable Recommendations: Use the Sprig AI you know and love to instantly analyze feedback and receive recommendations to take your product to the next level.

Feedback is now available to all Sprig users.Launch a Feedback study here to try it out!

Our customer-favorite Template Gallery is now even better with our latest update, enabling you to explore study templates by product use cases. You can easily create and launch studies that are tailored to your specific product goal with templates that cover every product question, from gauging feature satisfaction to understanding user personas. Try out the Template Gallery and effortlessly launch a Sprig study to solve your most important product challenges.

We've revamped our popular Slack integration, enabling you to send Sprig study response data to specific Slack channels of your choice. This new and improved integration makes it easy for your team to gain visibility into the Sprig insights that are most relevant to them.

To test it out, first connect your Slack account to Sprig. Then, add Slack notifications right after you launch for a new study and on the Connect tab for an in-progress study. Check out our Help Center for more details.

Now, your Sprig studies’ most valuable product takeaways are front and center with the updated study results page. You can easily find your study results’ AI Summary at the top, plus we’ve added an AI Insights sidebar featuring product opportunities, correlations, trends, and strengths surfaced from your study. To explore the AI-optimized study results page, just head over to any of your in-progress or completed Sprig studies.

Now, you can leverage the power of AI to instantly pull actionable insights from your Sprig Replays. AI Analysis for Replays reviews and organizes your Replay clips into themes based on specific actions your users take in your product. Here's why it's a game-changer:

📈 Scalable Insights: It can be near impossible to watch every session recording that's captured in your product. But with Sprig AI, no clip goes un-analyzed. They'll get grouped into key themes to give you a holistic view of how users interact with your product.

⏱️ Time Savings: Say goodbye to manually sifting through session recordings in search of meaningful takeaways. Let Sprig AI identify user behavior patterns for you, so you can spend your time putting those insights into action.

🤝 Enhanced User Understanding: Gain an unprecedented understanding of your users’ experience. With the power of Sprig AI, you can automatically uncover valuable insights into your users’ behavior, needs, and pain points.

AI Analysis for Replays is now available to all Sprig users. To try it out, just launch a standalone Replay in Sprig. Once it's done capturing session clips, click Generate Groups and Sprig AI will categorize the clips to reveal trends in your users' behavior.