Organize all of your research with folders

We are excited to roll out a new folder system within the Studies tab to keep all of your research organized!

To start, all of your studies will be organized within the General folder. But from there, users with admin permissions can create new folders to house specific studies. To add a study to a folder, simply click the three dots in the right-hand corner and choose which folder, or create a new folder, to move it into.

A few ways we'd recommend organizing your research are by:

  • Research owner
  • Subject (onboarding, churn, etc)
  • Timeframe (Q1, 2020, etc)
  • Product line
  • Team

We've also added a new search bar to help you easily find the exact study you are looking for – no matter what folder it's in. Simply search by a relevant keyword and then you will also be able to filter by author, delivery platform, status, date launched, and more.

Bonus: if you have a lot of studies (we hope you do!), utilizing the folder system will help to improve your Studies page load time.