Re-launch and unarchive studies (and delete questions)

Today we're excited to release three new abilities for already-launched studies:

Archiving a study is no longer a permanent action. If you've accidentally archived a study, or want to bring it back into view, simply find the study and unarchive it.

Relaunch a completed study
Completed studies can now be un-completed and relaunched! If you'd like to continue a study that you marked as completed, or that automatically completed, simply adjust its Response Options to the new desired completion threshold (number of responses until completion) or completion date, and launch again for even more insights.

Question deletion post-launch
If you've already launched your study, but would like to delete a question, this option is now available to you. Note that deleting a question will delete its responses — so if you'd like to keep the response data, either export the study results before deleting, or keep the question around and bypass it via skip logic.