Introducing a revamped Events experience

We've redesigned the Events management experience in Sprig to provide more customization and controls for your team.

Display names

Your team can now add display names to events, which will be shown across Sprig in place of the key (the event name sent from the SDK). This allows your team to set more descriptive or relevant names for all of your Code Events – and because display names can be changed at any time (unlike the event key), it will be easier to keep event names in sync with the product as changes are made.


Archive & Unarchive

Events can now be archived and unarchived, and you can select multiple events at once to modify in bulk. Events that are archived will not be tracked, but can be restored at any time by unarchiving.


Event requests

The new Events experience allows you to manage Code Events that have not been imported into Sprig yet. When a new event request is sent to Sprig from the SDK, it can be approved or denied before it begins tracking.


New look & feel

We've made a variety of other quality-of-life improvements, including more source filters for Code Events, a redesigned modal for event details, and a new event creation/editing experience.