Announcing the Sprig and User Interviews Integration

We’re excited to share that Sprig has teamed up with User Interviews to give you the option to test with the right users, either your own or a panel, without any hassle.

If you're launching a totally new product without a current user base, introducing functionality to a new persona, or wanting an outside opinion from someone who's never opened your app, Sprig + User Interviews will provide everything you need to test quickly and get the insights you need.

  1. Design with confidence by using Sprig’s rapid, browser-based unmoderated testing platform

  2. Connect Sprig tests with User Interviews in one click to instantly access 2.1 million top-rated panel participants

  3. Leverage a two-way integration to automatically pay out incentives in User Interviews once your Sprig tests are complete

To learn more about how to utilize Sprig's new integration with User Interviews, check out our Docs