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Is Sprig compatible with PWAs built on Ionic framework?

Is Sprig compatible with PWAs built on Ionic framework?

I did not ask for this. How do I get this to stop being charged to my PayPal account.

I see all these charges to my account that I did not make. How can I get this to stop.


Hello. I am looking for a software that can transcribe and create highlights/tags for video interviews. I like the replays feature and was wondering if this can also be used for video interviews?

Attempts to add any comments to existing questions here fail and return 503

I tried to comment on my questions below, but everything fails with 503 errors after some time

Which UpChunk package should we use?

Hi, I installed Sprig JavaScript SDK using yarn command from here: <https://docs.sprig.com/docs/web-javascript#install-with-npmyarn> usually all the required dependencies are picked up by Yarn, but looks like I am getting this error message in Chrome Dev console: ``` [Sprig] - recording functionality not configured due to missing UpChunk dependency ``` there are 6 'upchunk' related packages available: <https://www.npmjs.com/search?q=upchunk> which one should we use? Thank you!

Wrong type re-definition for Window.Intercom in JavaScript SDK

Intercom second parameter should be optional, because there are methods like Intercom('show'); <https://developers.intercom.com/installing-intercom/web/methods/#intercomshow> But in your JavaScript SDK code it is defined as required, and it breaks all other usages of Intercom in our App ``` Intercom: { ul_wasVisible?: boolean } & (( method: string, data: unknown, <===== SHOULD BE OPTIONAL ) => void); ``` please see line 2824 here: <https://www.npmjs.com/package/@sprig-technologies/sprig-browser?activeTab=code>

Does Sprig JavaScript SDK work in ReactJS Web application?

I installed the SDK using yarn and I added this to one of the components: ``` import { sprig } from '@sprig-technologies/sprig-browser'; const Sprig = sprig.configure({ environmentId: '<OUR ID>', }); ``` But I am getting errors: ``` - error Error [ReferenceError]: window is not defined at file:/frontend-web/node_modules/@sprig-technologies/sprig-browser/dist/index-IMQ1RWe8.js:209:1 at ModuleJob.run (node:internal/modules/esm/module_job:195:25) at async ModuleLoader.import (node:internal/modules/esm/loader:336:24) at async importModuleDynamicallyWrapper (node:internal/vm/module:429:15) { digest: undefined } ``` Please help

How do I point (integrate) the in app survey to my web application

How do I point (integrate) the in app survey to my web application

Using Sprig iOS SDK with SwiftUI

Hello, Is there a guide on how to use the Sprig iOS SDK with SwiftUI?

Link Study Heading Change

Hello Team, Is there any way I can change the header name of a Link study? It is by default picking my product name at the top. Can I change it?