Prototype Tests

What are Prototype Tests?

Sprig Prototype Tests enable you to capture pre-launch user insights on designs and prototypes created in any major design tool, plus Google Drive and Webflow.

Prototype Tests help teams:

  • Experience upcoming features through the eyes of users to ensure they hit the mark on launch day.
  • Share design concepts with new and existing users to validate plans before starting development.
  • See first-hand what’s working and what’s not by having users record their screens and video responses.

How to Create a Prototype Test

  1. First, create a design or prototype in your tool of choice. Check out all 12 of the design tools that Sprig supports.
  2. Next, generate a URL for the design or prototype you’d like to test. Click here for help on finding the prototype link in your design tool.
  3. Now, head over to the Sprig app and click on + New Study.
  4. You'll see the expert-made Sprig Template Gallery. Select a template category under the Concept and Usability Tests section and browse till you find something that matches your goal.
  5. Select your desired template and click Use this template.
  6. Customize your test however you want, like editing, adding, or deleting questions, updating copy, or adding Skip Logic.
  7. Scroll to each question you’d like to add the prototype to and click Add prototype URL to insert the prototype link into the text field. You can add different prototypes to different questions, making it easy to capture feedback on multiple design concepts in a single test.
  8. Once you're done designing your test, head over to the Audience tab to complete the test delivery settings.
  9. Next, you can preview your test to make sure it looks exactly how you’d like.
  10. Then, just click Launch Prototype Test and copy the test URL to share with users on your desired channels. Once your test is out in the world, check back regularly to review the rich product experience insights roll in.