Concept Testing

Sprig enables you to use studies for concept testing using Figma designs and prototypes.

The steps to create a Study for Concept Testing are:

  1. Create a Figma design or prototype.
  2. Use the Figma Share or Share Prototype feature to generate a URL for the design or prototype.
  3. Create your Sprig Study. The following example used Templates > Improve an Existing Product or Feature > Gauge Feature Satisfaction as a starting point.
  4. After completing the questions, in the Audience tab, select either the Sharable Link or Email platform.
  5. Now paste the URL from Figma in the Prototype URL field.
  6. Click Launch Study.
  7. If you've selected the Sprig Link Study option, distribute the URL to your concept testing participants.
  8. In either case of Link Study or Email, check back on the Study as you normally would review the Responses
Figma Concept Testing in SprigFigma Concept Testing in Sprig

Figma Concept Testing in Sprig